Fact: Triple H is the worst boss ever

Triple H can stand alone in the ring looking sad and beseeching the audience to cheer him as much as he likes.

We all know that he is the worst boss in the history of industrial relations.

There’s the obvious point that his staff have all walked out (barring the occasional scab like Matt Striker; and of course CM Punk is still arguing that he’s going to effect change despite all current evidence to the contrary), which doesn’t indicate fantastic management skills.

The signs were there before, though. What kind of boss declares to one of his staff that he has a personal grudge against him and then declares he’s going to fight him? The worst boss ever, that’s who.

The Miz and R-Truth have hinted at it, albeit not on screen, but Triple H is a huge hypocrite – firing them for misdemeanours he’s committed himself (and all the while he’s bragging that he loves it when REAL MEN turn up and FIGHT and CAUSE CHAOS – although only on his terms).

He’s gullible to a frightening degree – literally nobody else in the world believed that Kevin Nash had been involved in a car accident, not even the tiniest baby mark, but Triple H went racing off to the bedside of his buddy. And this man is supposed to be a hard-nosed businessman heading up a multinational company?

And if all those factors weren’t enough, he can’t find a suit that fits. Triple H – you fail. No confidence.


2 Responses to Fact: Triple H is the worst boss ever

  1. […] Night of Champions was OK, but was stretching the Kelly Kelly credulity thing tighter than her ring outfit, and Triple H’s win over Punk was a foregone conclusion as he continued to prove himself the Worst Boss Ever. […]

  2. Advocate champion says:

    He must be the best boss because he shows his reactions direct.Miz and r truth are the worst wrestler.

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