Exclusive: Mark Haskins on his return to DGUK, and exciting times for TNA’s X-Division

Mark Haskins is back in the UK and performing at this weekend’s upcoming DragonGate shows. Contrary to some internet rumours (including his slightly inaccurate Wikipedia entry), he signed a two-year deal with TNA back in June, and over the past year TV viewers have seen his occasional appearances on the shows as the X-Division took centre stage prior to the Destination X pay-per-view.

It’s an exciting time for the X-Division for us as viewers, and he agrees that it’s the same for the wrestlers. “It’s definitely exciting to be part of. There’s Austin Aries, who’s highly talented and steals every show; there are the grizzled veterans like Kid Kash, who’s so old-school; Brian Kendrick has such a different style; there’s Alex Shelley, there’s Zema Ion, who’ll be one to watch out for. It’s great to be here.”

Magnus talked to us earlier this month about the sense of camaraderie between the British Invasion – has Haskins been looked after by his compatriots? “I speak to Doug [Doug Williams], Nick [Nick Aldis, aka Magnus] and Rob [Rob Terry] regularly – we all get along and we knew each other from before anyway. It’s like being part of an honorary family, really. Now we’re all out there, we stick together.”

Magnus also mentioned that there can be some divisions between some established stars and the newcomers, but Haskins hasn’t encountered that. “So many of them have been helpful. AJ Styles has been helpful, so has Chris Daniels; Jerry Lynn was really nice and welcoming; but I’ve been helped by a lot of people.”

So his spell back in England for the DGUK shows will be a short one. He’s lined up for a couple of tag matches on Friday in Broxbourne and then on Saturday in Nottingham, which will give him chance to watch the rest of the shows. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the guys,” he says, “and seeing the shows – every single one of those matches could be a main event, so it’s going to be exciting to watch.”

The press material for the weekend’s event warns us to make the most of Haskins while he’s here, because his commitments in the US will be keeping him away from the UK for the foreseeable future. “I’m not sure of my schedule yet,” he admits, “so I don’t know whether I’ll be on the TNA tour of the UK in January. We’ll have to wait and see – but who knows what might happen?”

Mark Haskins is part of the line-up for the Dragon Gate UK shows this weekend.


11 Responses to Exclusive: Mark Haskins on his return to DGUK, and exciting times for TNA’s X-Division

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  2. […] and Mark Andrews this year; we won’t have a DragonGate show in Britain next year but perhaps Mark Haskins might get some TV time in TNA, and I’m sure Marty Scurll will be kicking around somewhere; the enigma that is Zack Sabre Jr […]

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  5. Tipster says:

    I’ve seen Haskins on sunday wrestle for ASW in Croydon. Even got a picture with him afterwards

  6. […] the interval I got the chance to nip backstage and say hello to some of the talent, including Official Friend of TOWIS Mark Haskins, bearing a scarred nose from you-know-what. (Yes, I am a […]

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  11. […] Mark Haskins and Joel Redman battled it out in a grudge match which was nicely set up by a Haskins promo on video. Maybe it would have been nice to hear Redman speak – he’s heading off to the big time soon and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard his voice. […]

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