Fact: nobody wants to see Michael Cole wrestle

Later this week I’ll be looking at exactly how and why the WWE have totally dropped the ball in recent weeks (let’s face it, since Money in the Bank it’s been a long, slow, downward spiral).

But I did at least think we’d moved past Michael Cole being in the ring.

His feud with Jerry Lawler was something that nobody was interested in right from the start, as far as I can work out; Wrestlemania (where this ridiculous angle got so much screen time the US title match got bumped to pre-show darkness) should have been an end to it, but no, it continued for weeks on end, incorporating that knighthood skit in London, until someone on creative suddenly seemed to realise that it was a waste of everyone’s time and energy and had Cole and Lawler shake hands at the start of the next RAW and never reference it again.

But now apparently we’re seeing a reprise, with Jim Ross, God love him, in the Lawler role. This farce actually took place in the main event of last night’s RAW as the commentators tagged with John Cena and Alberto del Rio. I appreciate it’s a curtain-raiser to Sunday’s match between Cena and del Rio at Vengeance, and they need to make it sufficiently different to make you want to watch the pay-per-view, but is putting Michael Cole in an orange singlet really the way to do it?

Obviously the answer is no. Michael Cole in an orange singlet is not the answer to anything, unless the question is, “What kind of images haunt your nightmares?”

In the meantime, we’re left with a WWE where Triple H and John Lauranaitis are caught in a battle of egos, where Eve is apparently the Diva who most deserves a shot at the title, and where Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Daniel Bryan are hanging out on Superstars. Think about that.


3 Responses to Fact: nobody wants to see Michael Cole wrestle

  1. workmancer says:

    No one wants to see Cole or JR wrestle. Fact. However, they get so much heat that they kind of have to wrestle. Cole should get heat as a manager… but the WWE didn’t have him commentating for 10+ years just to end up as a heel manager.

    I swear Vince is trying to kill his own company before he dies that way HHH & SMH will get character by regrowing the company. WWE doesn’t like money. Sure they still get money, but its probably 20% of what they could be earning.

    I’ve just stopped watching with the whole HHH & Punk thing. I don’t want to see a struggle for a company or a show where everyone is beneath HHH who has had 1 match in 7 months.

    Daniel will get ratings to Superstars. They figure Internet nerds will watch him. But Superstars isn’t on the Internet… so whatever. Anyway, everything the WWE does is counterproductive..

  2. Carrie says:

    Cole may get heat, but is putting him in the damn ring the way to capitalise on it?

    Heh, what you say about money is what Punk said to Vince, wasn’t it? 🙂

    • workmancer says:

      Eh maybe the ticket holders want to see it. Ross in the ring… Bret Hart in the ring. None of these guys can really wrestle now.

      Punk has his money… but his stock is falling. He’s kind of turned into what he preached about hating. He’s hugging hunter and teaming with Cena. 2 guys that he insulted and say are ruining the business. I think its all an attempt to water him down and break him so his hardcore fans won’t care about him anymore.

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