Question: What will the WWE do without Heath Slater?

You’ve probably heard by now that Heath Slater has been suspended by the WWE for his first violation of the company’s wellness policy.

Then who will take his place as random Smackdown jobber, and occasional Superstars luminary?

I have the perfect solution – after all, it worked so well with Sin Cara.

Just get someone in from FCW (or maybe one of the poor local wrestlers who keep getting squashed by Brodus Clay), stick a ginger wig on him, and nobody will be any the wiser, least of all the commentary team or the guys who work with him.

Then when Slater comes back, we’ll have the fascinating twist of the original Heath being the baddie, and the usurper being the goodie.

Vince/HHH/Johnny Ace, you can just send me the cheque.


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