Fact: Zack Ryder is a marketing genius

Not only has he created his own YouTube channel and promoted himself by social media, not only has he made and awarded himself the Internet championship, not only has he befriended Hugh Jackman, but Zack Ryder must now have a hand in his own merchandise.

Sure, he’s been nagging his followers to hassle the WWE Shop with requests for broski headbands for ages now, but now he has surpassed himself.

Because it can’t be just me who’s noticed – yes, Ryder’s had lots more televised in-ring action lately, but the camera angles have exposed a touch of hair thinning on top. Dyeing the spikes lighter has made it less noticeable, but seriously, when we’re watching close-up in HD, it still shows.

I’m not one for body fascism, but when your gimmick focuses on taking care and spiking your hair, it’s fairly necessary to have the hair to spike.

And so, the latest piece of Ryder-themed merch?

An official Zack Ryder wig.  Are you serious, bro?


3 Responses to Fact: Zack Ryder is a marketing genius

  1. workmancer says:

    Yes I agree. In fact anyone can follow the Rock’s marketing in terms of signature moves and and merchandise. And yes Zack has thinning hair. He won’t be in the WWE 4 years from now.

    There are golf visors with hair sewn into them. He could use this idea for his merch.

  2. Carrie says:

    I just laughed out loud at the idea of Zack with a golf visor and wig combo.

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