Question: Will we ever see Sin Cara Negro again?

Poor unmasked Evil Sin Cara.

All he ever did was turn up, take on someone else’s character at a time of desperation, avoid botching as far as he could, speak in English as well as Spanish, and now he has been unmasked, never to be seen again.

Or…perhaps not.

The beauty of being a masked luchador is surely that you can hide your identity. If the rather more sizeable Hunico can pass for Mistico simply by wearing the same kind of mask, then he must equally be able to return to WWE at a later date as another character.

Maybe he could be Rey Mysterio for a bit the next time that Rey-Rey is out with knee-knack.

Or maybe he could be a bag-model for Cody Rhodes.

Any more suggestions?


2 Responses to Question: Will we ever see Sin Cara Negro again?

  1. workmancer says:

    Yes we will. They brought him in specifically to work with Sin Cara… without a mask. Kind of like how in Mexico they will have Light and Dark versions.

    Plus in the WWE every match is done to death. Take for instance Vengeance last night. All of those matches but 1 have been on free TV since June 2011.

  2. Mike says:

    I still fully expect Sin Cara Black to team up with Sin Cara Blue at some point to form the team of Dos Caras.

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