Question: will the Rock accept John Cena’s invitation to team up at Survivor Series?

This is the question that WWE are seriously posing to us on tonight’s Smackdown. So I thought I’d take a vote and see what TOWIS readers think.


7 Responses to Question: will the Rock accept John Cena’s invitation to team up at Survivor Series?

  1. workmancer says:

    The TV doesn’t know what its own website is doing… but whatever. Posing lame questions is good, because everyone will answer. A better question is WHEN will the Rock accept? One week or two weeks before Survivor Series? Or will he not accept at all and then in yet another handicap match with Miz & Truth beating Cena does the Rock then show up for a hot tag… come in and destroy Miz & Truth.

    Then Rock can either destroy Cena or Cena can destroy the Rock to heat things up for Wrestlemania.

  2. Carrie says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh they’re trying to plug this Monday’s RAW by saying “will the Rock accept?”, when they’ve been running ads for days telling us the Rock will be at Survivor Series. C’mon, WWE, sort it out.

    • workmancer says:

      Wrestling really doesn’t pose enough questions honestly. Questions get people talking and buzzing. Like MMA…. Guy X is a knockout artist, but Guy Y is a submission master. Guy Y has great takedowns, but Guy X has a great sprawl preventing takedowns. Guy Y has tremendous reach, but guy X can clinch.

      In the WWE it seems like the only questions are who will run in??? or who will cut the better promo?

      • Carrie says:

        Totally agree. Where’s the drama when you know that at some point John Cena is going to triumph over everyone?

  3. workmancer says:

    Its funny because Cena got triumphed 3x clean in a row by CM Punk once on RAW building up to a PPV… when CM wasn’t on the PPV. Then TLC, then Summerslam. People don’t seem to remember.

    Maybe people want to see someone beat Cena and have him disappear for 3 months. Like lets say Cena loses to someone in a high profile match in May. That passes the torch and that fresh guy is the top guy in the summer then when the NFL comes back in September. Cena can too where then you’ve got that big #1 guy and the old #1 guy and a reason for people to tune in and watch WWE instead of NFL.

    Let me put it this way… Would Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels ever have become #1 megastars if Hulk Hogan were around? Would Michaels have become Michaels if Bret didn’t disappear to WCW? Would Austin have become the #1 guy if HBK didn’t disappear after Wrestlemania? …. I can keep going 🙂

    Maybe Cena wouldn’t be where he is if HHH didn’t take off and now HHH is back and the entire show revolves around him. They all walked out on him. The whole firing of Miz & Truth was to heat up them so he can knock them down. So then its a bigger victory.

    • Mike says:

      That’s very true. WWE always seems to have had a “one top guy” philosophy. That top guy inevitably being a heroic face who ends up endlessly triumphing over adveristy, knocking down all potential challenges, maybe getting bruised and battered along the way but at the end of the day standing proud with his arm in the air while the stars and stripes flutters prettily behind him.


      Cena (and the Rock before him) have all merely been reincarnations of Hulk Hogan, and the WWE has recycled the same old, tired (but obviously money-spinning) formula since the 80’s.

      People refer back to the Attitude/post-WCW (and pre-PG) era as the standard to beat, but WWE simply doesn’t have the wealth of talent on it’s roster it did in those days. Eddie, Kurt, Van Dam, Edge, Austin, Rock, HHH, Michaels, Lesnar, Taker, all in their prime… guys who would today be main eventers couldn’t even get on some of the pay-per-views!

      But the WWE can’t use the PG certificate as an excuse for a poor product. There’s plenty of Independent organisations who put on compelling shows with interesting stories and spectacular matches while still being family friendly. And despite the percieved lack of star quality at the top of the card, they have a HUGE array of talented performers who simply aren’t being given a chance to show what they can do. Has WWE simply becoming complacent? Are they sticking to a tried-and-tested formula? Or are they just playing it safe?

      • workmancer says:

        … everyone loves an underdog but no one likes a loser. Cena… and HHH before him… and Austin before him… Rock lost a lot of matches…

        Post WCW was terrible… Austin hugging and Angle wearing a tiny cowboy hat. WCW & ECW had to join forces to match the WWE.

        And no PG is no excuse for a poor product. Star Wars was PG. Technically everything on free TV is PG.

        Maybe they’re playing it conservative for Linda McMahon’s senate or making it kid friendly because kids don’t find wrestling spoilers and parents buy a lot for kids…. we’ll see the WWE go PG-13 again when we see a solid #2. Kind of like how the WWE really heats up at around Wrestlemania but everything not Mania is blah…

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