Fact 1: Daniel Bryan is a man. Fact 2: He has a beard.

Daniel Bryan is going through one of his intermittent phases when he’s interested in maintaining his social media presence. So after his official WWE website interview last week where he reiterated that he’s cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania and until such time he will not be ridding himself of that beard, he’s been back on Twitter to garner support for his so-called beard strike.

“There is too much MANSCAPING going on in this country…I’m a MAN. I’ve got a BEARD,” he declared. And more to the point, he has urged his fans to join him.

In case you are interested in joining his beard strike, here are some guiding principles, all learned from Bryan’s Twitter stream this week:

– Beards fight fascists. Probably not literally. I think he means through veering from society’s expectations.

– Beards are Jesus approved.

– Goatees and moustaches don’t suffice. They are not MANLY enough.

– You can send pictures of your hirsuteness to him at danielsonfanmail@gmail.com and he says he’ll post the best on his website.

And for us ladies, there is no escape. In fact, DBD’s female fans are rather more committed to the cause than the menfolk, probably because there is so much LADYSCAPING expected of us as the norm. Suggestions include:

– buying a fake beard;

– as suggested by the very nice @ChloeFrootbat, if Bryan fails to win at Wrestlemania, accosting a random bearded stranger and shaving his beard off;

– growing out your lovely tresses;

– not shaving your legs (which apparently counts twice over);

– not shaving ANYWHERE (though pictorial evidence of this might not be permitted on Twitter, or by the PG-adhering WWE).

Let us know in the comments if you are also on #beardstrike.



2 Responses to Fact 1: Daniel Bryan is a man. Fact 2: He has a beard.

  1. Mike says:

    I’m on #beardstrike. I shall also be purchasing fake beards for my cohorts to wear during next weeks Smackdown event, LIVE from the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England!! #mickfoleycheappopdoublethumbsup

  2. workmancer says:

    I saw this over the weekend. I always laugh at Daniel Bryan. He was probably told… hey Bryan… your internet photos do the oposite for you that they did for Zack Ryder. Posing with cats, wearing Pink… being short you’re not much of a man are you? Bryan then says…. Man??? I’ll grow a beard!!!! Rawr!

    Then I’m sure the WWE tells him… no you missed the point. Grow a foot.

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