Fact: Wade Barrett’s Uprising is now unstoppable. (Fnar.)

The highlight of this week’s Raw for me was the realisation that yes, Wade Barrett is finally getting the push to main-eventer that he deserves.

Every Friday night for the past few months, Twitter has exploded when Barrett has walked out to the Smackdown ring.

He’s my favourite kind of heel – the smug, superior Englishman who has the skills and charisma to back up his boasts. The consensus among fans is that the Corre dragged on for too long – much as the script tried to argue that the quartet were equal, everyone knows it was a vehicle for Barrett, but it started to hold him back. Now as a singles wrestler, he is apparently getting a fair opportunity at his well-deserved time in the spotlight.

And what has interested me most is that Barrett seems to have some kind of magnetic effect on ladysmarks the world over. Now, we’re generally a hard-to-please bunch, and there is very little we agree on as we argue the corner of our particular favourites. But Barrett seems to be the one wrestler that every single female wrestling fan adores.

That was never WWE’s plan, of course. They like the idea of him as a money-obsessed bare-knuckle fighter who’s appropriately macho for men to cheer on; they don’t generally like the idea of any grown women watching their product and taking a fancy to any of their fellas, although they make a concession with Randy Orton’s turnbuckle posing (ugh).

But Barrett’s appeal is his magnetism, and that’s something you can’t script or force the WWE Universe to buy into. Whether he’s scolding people on Twitter for US spelling or general stupidity, making snide references to “your American Charlie Sheen”, or just shrugging off that epic coat, you can’t help but watch him. (NB to prove my point – I was searching for a video clip of Barrett’s ring entrance with his jacket, and Google Chrome automatically suggested the search term “Wade Barrett coat entrance”.)

So it is with great delight that I note the budding feud between Barrett and Orton, and even greater delight that it is happening on Raw and Smackdown. Barrett deserves to be on the “SuperShow”, and he deserves that eventual attempt for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Barrett Barrage has begun in earnest. I couldn’t be happier.


3 Responses to Fact: Wade Barrett’s Uprising is now unstoppable. (Fnar.)

  1. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    It’s interesting how, for guys to enjoy fancying, the WWE offers up a range of generic swimsuit models, mostly blonde but with the token Asian, black girl and hispanic girl. Just like that range of politically correct Barbies. (I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that’s why they really wanted to keep Gail Kim). Each of them promoted for supposed exceptional looks over ability or charisma, because that’s what men want, according to the WWE.

    But then you look at what the ladysmarks like, and it’s big-eared wonky-nosed, evil-smirking, suit-wearing Wade Barrett, big shouty man extrordinaire. He is adored by so many of us, without any sort tailoring towards what women should like. He’s got such amazing charisma, I’d frankly rather ogle him in a suit rather than wrestling gear.

    If only they’d get some charismatic ladies, perhaps that don’t look like swimsuit models, rather than relying on ideas of beauty and sexual attraction that are evidently thoroughly outdated, we might get some real interest in the divas.

    Also, the Barrett voice surely must play a part. It makes me come over all unnecessary!

  2. Mike says:


    Well, if you ladies will excuse me, *I’M* going to go and watch myself some Velvet Sky slow-mo-ring-entrance clips on Youtube. Let the pigeons loose!

  3. […] not to say that wrestling fans should not find wrestlers attractive; I feel fairly sure that’s inevitable. However, when you’re being encouraged by the company itself to see an individual firstly as […]

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