Fact: WWE, stop trying to make Kevin Nash happen. It’s not going to happen

I was embarrassed watching Monday Night Raw, because the crowd so patently didn’t care about anything Kevin Nash was saying, and didn’t care that he was there or not.

I’m not sure why WWE are persisting with this – it’s not like they always plough on with storylines that aren’t working or they don’t know how to resolve (see also: Raw GM, Anonymous).

Nash’s ranting about the olden days and then bragging about his attack on Triple H (which he’s now claiming resulted in a broken neck) is neither entertaining nor relevant considering his adversary is off screen and will be for some weeks yet.

And as for his claim that he and Triple H should have main-evented Survivor Series, it reeks of an ageing man trying to reclaim his youth, entirely unaware that we all know perfectly well that he isn’t cleared to wrestle. (Click.)

What do you think? Are you interested in this Nash/Triple H feud?


2 Responses to Fact: WWE, stop trying to make Kevin Nash happen. It’s not going to happen

  1. Rohan Valecha says:

    The WWE wanted to create a kind of mix mash by getting back few of the 90’s guys with the younger lot. But the angle with Punk failed, because he’s far ahead of Big Daddy. So now it is back to the same old ‘crack in the friendship’ feud. Would have made sense two months back, Triple H should have gone straight for his throat after he got fired. And then there could have been a well-built traditional 5-on-5 with Miz, Truth, Nash, Christian & Barett on one side, maybe Cody as well.

  2. MarkySmark says:

    Nash and HHH are the reason why, for the first time since 1991, I’m not watching wrestling anymore. I hate them both and wish they’d tear all their quads so I can watch again. But that won’t happen because the universe sucks.

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