Question: Who do you want to see in the WWE World Heavyweight title picture?

Did you see the nonsensically Christmas-themed Smackdown last night?

Did you enjoy that main event between Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, in the world’s shoddiest steel cage? (Honestly, I’m fairly sure Bryan could have got out through the gaps around the turnbuckles.)


Well, tough! Because our next title match will be in three weeks’ time! At our next pay-per-view, TLC! And it’ll be between Henry and the Big Show. Again. As it was at Survivor Series; and at Vengeance.

Which leads me to ask:

I’m hoping for a Henry win and then Bryan to interfere in a heelish way, but that’ll never happen. Sigh.

If you have any thoughts on what you want to be happening over on the Smackdown side of things, do let me know in the comments!


9 Responses to Question: Who do you want to see in the WWE World Heavyweight title picture?

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoyed the Mark Henry/Daniel Bryan title match on Smackdown. It was well worked in the time it was given, told a story, and both guys came out of it looking great. It was the highlight of a pretty poor show.

    I saw a tweet earlier saying that Bryan could make a head of cabbage look like Lou Thesz, and while it’s true that Bryan has an uncanny ability to elevate everyone he works with and make them look like a million dollars, Henry has turned into a real dominating champion in the last couple of months. He looks and feels like a credible, monster champ.

    My only disappointment was that although the match itself was great and both guys really impressed, the ending was given away by WWE referring to Bryan’s chances of winning being a “Christmas miracle”. After Hornswoggle won the pointless battle royale, were we really going to see two underdog stories in one night?

    I know the RAW crew was in Japan, but too much of Smackdown was taken up with festive shenanigans and nonsense. In November, I may add. To quote the Miz, really? Really?! The crowd was dead by the main event due to the garbage that had gone on beforehand. To Bryan and Henry’s credit, they managed to lift the crowd again and get them involved, and the near escapes and finish had the crowd screaming, but surely the card should have built to the finale?

    Now that I’ve got that vitriol off my chest, on to the question of the world title picture.

    I understand the part Big Show played in elevating Mark Henry to his current status. I understand that Show has come back after revenge. ut do we really have to go through this again? Where exactly, can Show and Henry go next? Is there another level they can step up to together, another gear to reach? Or is this match going to be the same, roughly speaking, as the other three pay-per-view matches we’ve seen them have this year? The only variables in this match so far are the fact that it’s the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV with all that can entail, and that we could very well expect some post-match drama with Daniel Bryan’s Money In The Bank title shot, given his ongoing feud with Henry is being given almost as much time as Henry’s feud with Show.

    (Personally, I’d rather see this storyline continue to play itself out up to Wrestlemania, as I’ve talked about elsewhere on the blog).

    What else is there? Henry has barged through Sheamus and Orton in recent months, he’s not going to feud with Cody or Barrett, and the only other real main event option presenting itself is the impending return of one of the other guys he’s put on the shelf, Kane.

    Which is what I expect to see next. Henry scrapes past Show, is attacked post-match by the returning Kane, Kane beats Henry for the title, leading up to the almost obligatory pre-Wrestlemania Kane/Undertaker showdown, and finally Daniel Bryan cashing in at Mania for a streak vs streak showdown against the Dead Man. And that’s your Smackdown World title schedule for the next three months. Smark’s gotta smark.

  2. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    Daniel Bryan is a good choice to get into the title picture I reckon. There used to be a wisdom in the WWE that you didn’t put the belt on the guy who was most over, but who most needed the boost to be over. Hence why Austin/McMahon, the hottest feud of the day, were doing their thing while guys getting that solid bump up to the main event like Rock, Foley, HHH got to feud for the belt.
    Bryan needs a title feud to be taken as a convincing main eventer, probably more than somebody like Wade Barrett, the nuclear heat magnet, and definitely more than Randy Orton who has been at the top for so long (too long some might say!)

    Literally anyone on the Smackdown roster who isn’t Show or Orton would probably make me happy!

  3. workmancer says:

    Smackdown is stale and it shows. That’s probably why they’re pushing new guys up there. If the WWE can get another match out of Big Show then so be it. That is the HEAVYWEIGHT title. I think they should have the heavyweights go in and have their 5 – 10 minute match…. but the US and IC titles can be for the real wrestling. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes can have 20 minute matches.

    When Bryan ‘won’ the title that uh lack of applause didn’t help his case…. If anything this is all just to put a spotlight on him for the IC title in 2012.

  4. Mike says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. Smackdown has in my opinion been consistently put on the best in-ring product and some of the most entertaining TV in the WWE in the last six months, if not the last year.

    The emergence of Mark Henry as a credible contender and then champion, the ascent of Cody Rhodes with the paper bags, Barrett, Sheamus, Bryan, Orton and Christian… it’s been a wrestling-orientated show that has given opportunities and pushes to some of the talent on the fringes of the WWE’s main event and midcard.

    You only need to look compare the two Money in the Bank matches to see the difference – Smackdown’s Money In the Bank match was exciting, entertaining and genuinely surprising; RAW’s Money In The Bank match was lackluster and dull, with an all-too predictable winner.

    And that’s why the Smackdown “festive” live show was so bad – it strayed so far from the usual Smackdown formula. The main event aside, there was little thought or focus on the in-ring product, and some of the shows top talent like Cody and Barrett were marginalised.

    WWE took RAW’s usual live show approach, and it backfired.

    • workmancer says:

      I’m happy to be disagreed with 🙂 It might be better, but it is still stale. How many times have we seen Orton vs Rhodes. Daniel vs Henry. Sheamus vs Christian. But you do bring up very valid points. Mark Henry is the best thing out of Smackdown that they’ve made. They’ve also quietly been making Sheamus and in a few years he could be just as hated of a face as Cena is 🙂

      • Mike says:

        Heh – some would say the entire WWE product is getting stale! 😉

        You’re right of course – a lot of the match-ups have been done over and over – Christian-Orton would be the obvious example, but also Show-Henry as per the article itself. Including TLC, this is a match that’s been on, what, 4 out of the last 6 or 7 PPVs?

        The problem is partly that as soon as a guy gets over or impresses on Smackdown, he’s invariably moved to RAW. Take Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler for example. Both were in the top tier on Smackdown, but were moved to RAW. Ziggler took a while before he really started to fire, and for a while it looked as though he’d took a step down or would get lost in the mix like McIntyre did.

        Del Rio was moved straight into the main event picture and, lets be honest, was a totally unconvincing champion. All his reign did was prove Bryan’s point that some of the guys who cashed in their Money in the Bank shot were really undeserving champions.

        And because not a great deal of talent goes back in the opposite direction (Smackdown was lucky to get Orton and Sheamus, really), they have to create new stars to replace the nes who’ve left, or recycle the same matches. Despite this, the balance between promos and action just seems better on the blue brand in my opinion. And maybe that’s because we see more new faces getting a chance in the ring.

  5. workmancer says:

    Sometimes people overlook the obvious. Like I hear some blogs say WWE didn’t make any stars this year. Yet I think to Punk, Ryder, Dolph, Miz, Truth and Henry.

    I think WWE does make match ups stale, because they think the fans at the tapings want to see the matches that are feuds. TNA does this too. Do we need to see Sheamus and Christian in tag matches against one another building to a singles match or should we see Christian vs jobbers and Sheamus vs jobbers.

    I’d personally give Show vs Henry a break for the next PPV… but then a lot of fans would feel if they took a month off and went back to it, they’d sigh even bigger. But I guess a feud should have 3 singles matches on PPV before a blow off. That way you get the most money for it.

    Smackdown is the B show and ratings dropped since it went to Sy Fy. I’d say if Cena is such a giant draw, put him on Smackdown or do they fear RAW’s 3.4s will turn into 2.4s?

    I think having Smackdown on RAW is really a step in the wrong direction. WWE feels fans don’t see Smackdown guys as stars. I just blame Sy Fy. They should be building up Drew, Reks, and other minor guys In fact they should have tag teams again to build up 2 guys for every 1.

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  7. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    I just got the end of Smackdown today and man, did I love that cage match! I’d got so bored of them with guys very very slowly climbing and inexplicably jumping back in. Definitely happy for DBD (and Henry weirdly) to stay at the top!

    Disagree with workmancer that Bryan didn’t get a reaction – there were definite “Let’s Go Bryan” chants during that match. I reckon if he had a well-booked feud with Henry (or indeed had had a feud with Barrett that was allowed some legs), he could really take off. It takes a bit of time and good booking for anyone to get a face reaction. Or, you know, a web show more popular than most PPVs!

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