Fact: WWE are ribbing me with this Kaitlyn/AJ angle

Did you see this on their Twitter feed over the weekend? (Clickety-click to enlarge.)

How about “no”, WWE?

There is absolutely nothing that indicates that Kaitlyn is “jealous” of AJ.

So far, what we’ve seen is that Kaitlyn is angry or frustrated with AJ because she keeps getting bent into a pretzel by Natalya. That’s fair enough – there’s a good angle for you.

But no. We have to have the same old story. Again.

I said in October that what the Divas need are “genuine storylines that aren’t based around girls being jealous of each other and acting like they’re 14-year-olds.” Looks like we’re not having that any time soon, then.


8 Responses to Fact: WWE are ribbing me with this Kaitlyn/AJ angle

  1. Stop watching Divas. Start watching Joshi. Joshimania was this weekend. The DVDs will be available this week from Smart Mark Video. Get them. Or just browse youtube. Whatever you do, don’t expect WWE to go away from the same old shit.

    • Carrie says:

      If I stop watching the Divas and stop complaining about it I’ll feel like I’ve given up on it. And I don’t want to feel like that. Eternal optimist me.

  2. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    On the bright side, AJ is involving herself with DBD, the Bellas are hanging around ADR and Rosa seems to be a part of this new Mexican stable- they’re treating the girls as part of the roster rather than a strange separate entity for break times. Not much progress admittedly, but it’s something.

    • Carrie says:

      This WWE version of Mexican America is one of the randomest things ever.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed – it’s good to see people being used as more than just peripheral or background figures.

      I always disliked that old excuse “creative has nothing for you”. If you have a talented roster of men and women who you’ve trained and built up and promoted over the course of years, and creative can repeatedly find nothing to do with them, surely it’s time to find new creative?

      Back on topic, poor AJ. ……….*sigh* AJ. ❤

  3. […] was a little surprised when I heard. After all, we’re all very aware of the attention that WWE pays to women’s wrestling (ie a cursory glance every couple of weeks or so): why […]

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