Question: What wrestling-themed Christmas presents are you getting?

If you’ve not written your letter to Santa yet, you’d better get a move on – it’s less than two weeks until Christmas!

And if you’ve not got a clue what you want, or what to buy the other wrestling fans in your life, I have a few suggestions…

The Best of Lionheart DVD – I believe this first came out last year, but it’s still worth an investment before this guy makes the imminent step up to the big leagues. £17.50 for three DVDs, featuring Nigel McGuinness, Noam Dar and the lead-up to Lionheart’s match against Jeff Jarrett, sent first-class recorded delivery = bargain. Contact Lionheart via Twitter for more info.

Defend Indy Wrestling gear – I’ve mentioned them before, but these guys are worth

supporting. The monochrome shirts are priced at £10, and would be a perfect stocking-filler for any indy fan in your life (and the best thing is, this would work for US-based smarks as well).

The DragonGate UK 2011 DVDs are also worth an investment – I went to the Nottingham show and really enjoyed it, so would highly recommend based on the quality of matches (although obviously I don’t know what the quality of footage and commentary is). They also do an excellent bulk-buy discount – buy one of the trio for £15, buy two for £27.50, or all three for £37.50.

Of course, the big promotions are all set for the festive season as well.

If you get your orders in quickly, you could bag yourself some of the excellent Christmas packages from the WWE – they’re not available from the Euro Shop, as usual, but get yourself over to the US site immediately and have a browse – the CM Punk set has sold out, but if you’re a broski, the Zack Ryder holiday package is still in stock, as is The Miz’s. There’s also about half a dozen Randy Orton packages as well as Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, The Rock, Triple H, and, inevitably, John Cena – all priced from $34.99 (for youth sizes) to $54.99 (for the grown-up extravaganzas).

TNA’s holiday shop is rather less impressive (and packed full of spelling mistakes alongside the Knockouts dressed as Santa-themed pole dancers, if that’s your bag), but they do currently have an 80 per cent sale, so it’s worth a browse.

What wrestling-themed presents have you asked for? And what have you bought for the other wrasslin’ fans in your life?


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