Fact: Daniel Bryan is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

That title consists of a series of words I never thought I’d type in that order.

Hands up who was expecting Bryan to be the first Money in the Bank briefcase winner to cash in and lose?

Sure, I’m a little bit disappointed that he didn’t wait for Wrestlemania (although not so much that I’ll repeatedly misuse the word “hypocrite”, like Michael Cole), but this was awesome.

And it’s mostly awesome because it happened at Big Show’s expense: he was the one who was trying to persuade Bryan a few weeks ago to cash in on Mark Henry, because it doesn’t matter when you take your opportunity as being a world champion is more important than anything. Let’s hope that Show’s two-minute-long title reign gave him a lot of happiness.

Congratulations, Dragon!


2 Responses to Fact: Daniel Bryan is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

  1. Mike says:

    Hah! I’d completely forgotten about Big Show badgering Bryan to cash the Money In The Bank contract in against Henry.

    Looks like that came back to bite him in the ass…

    Wait – are you suggesting that was an actual ongoing story? Or just happy coincidence? O_o

  2. Carrie says:

    Forgotten or blocked it out through distress? #stupidbigshow

    I’m choosing to think it’s an ongoing story and that Bryan will use it as a justification and a LOL in his next promo.

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