Wishes for 2012: to see more UK indy wrestling

I’ve loved seeing ridiculously youthful talent like Noam Dar and Mark Andrews this year; we won’t have a DragonGate show in Britain next year but perhaps Mark Haskins might get some TV time in TNA, and I’m sure Marty Scurll will be kicking around somewhere; the enigma that is Zack Sabre Jr will continue to top the bill; and I’ll also be looking out for people like official friend of TOWIS Eddie Dennis. Fingers crossed too that Lionheart has indeed signed that big contract!

Just to show you that it’s worth keeping an eye on our UK indy scene, here’s the current WWE heavyweight champion against Zack Sabre Jr in the back room of a Coventry pub in 2008…


One Response to Wishes for 2012: to see more UK indy wrestling

  1. Mike says:

    Yes! THIS.

    2012 is the year to DEFEND Indy Wrestling! A big thank you plus good luck and best wishes in 2012 to

    Eddie Dennis (@eddiedennis1), Mike Hitchman (@MIKEBOAR), Noam Dar (@NoamDar), Marty Scurrl (@PartyMartyS), Zack Sabre Jr (@zacksabrejr), Johnny Moss (@Johnny_Moss), Adrian McCallum (@LionheartUK), Prince Devitt (@fergaldevitt), Mark Haskins (@Mark_Haskins), Mark Andrews, PAC, Lion Kid, Tim Wylie and all of the guys touring week in, week out on the British wrestling scene. Looking forward to seeing lots more shows in more cities this year!

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