Question: Which WWE Diva should be next to get a push?

Leaving aside the Divas who are currently in the main event picture (ie Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and, God help us, Alicia Fox and the Bella Twins), which women do you enjoy seeing on WWE TV programming?

Maxine is apparently the next lady to get a push in traditional WWE style (ie two men feuding over her); AJ features frequently on Raw now because she’s Daniel Bryan’s nerdy ladyfriend, having been twisted into a pretzel by Nattie once too often in the ring; Kaitlyn is wheeled out to job every so often; Tamina has been reinvented as JTG’s owner, which I quite like; Aksana is Teddy Long’s resident mistletoe-munching courtesan; and even Rosa Mendes has found something to do, ie screeching at the hastily-thrown-together pseudo-Mexican America stable.

There’s some interesting talent in FCW as well – Ivelisse of Tough Enough fame is there now; Audrey Marie seems to think she’s Mickie James; and Raquel Diaz is a Guerrero, which usually bodes well.

But which of this lot would you like to see in in-ring action?



6 Responses to Question: Which WWE Diva should be next to get a push?

  1. Mike says:

    I’m actually looking forward to seeing Britani Knight on WWE TV. She’s a second-generation British wrestler, the daughter of Sweet Saraya and “Rowdy” Ricky Knight, and has worked for EVE and Shimmer. She’s still only 19 years old.

    Apparently she’s just made her WWE developmental (FCW) debut. Always nice to have a hometown girl to cheer on!

  2. Reggie says:

    I hope Rosa Mendes. She has busted her ass for WWE and been rewarded time and time again with remedial roles. Se is finally starting to come into her own as a manager for Primo and Epico but her wrestling talents are brig wasted. I hope in 2012 we see her in some meaningful in ring action.

  3. Chris says:

    At the moment I’m really confused as to how the Diva’s of Destruction angle has seemingly just stopped without explanation. Nattie is one of the two best in ring performers out of the Diva’s (the other being Beth) but right now she seems to be in a slump and unless her losing streak is part of a bigger picture, I really dont know what is going on with her….which is a shame as she deserves more than jobbing to the likes of Alicia Fox.

    Another I’d like to see more of is Tamina. As the Uso’s manager she didnt really have much to do, and since then has had even less to do. The fact that she has turned up on NXT with JTG is a start to getting her back on tv but I really would like to see more of this second generation Diva! Tamina seems the strong yet silent type and I’m sure she’ll prove to be a powerful match for the likes of Natalya and Beth. With Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka as her father, I’m sure she’d be able to put on a decent match too!!!

  4. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    Looking at those in the poll makes me think that there are actually plenty of divas waiting in the wings I don’t mind. (Not that I wouldn’t prefer Katie Lea or Cheerleader Melissa of course, but still).

    Excited about Britani Knight too! That’s the same age Kelly Kelly was when she started in WWE I believe, imagine if she had had some SHIMMER experience lol.

  5. Carrie says:

    There are plenty of good divas in the WWE. Whether they’ll be allowed to wrestle is another question.

    Apparently Cheerleader Melissa is doing TNA’s new show in India, I think I read?

    • ValkyrieSmudge says:

      I didn’t hear anything about it, but good I guess if she’s getting work. She’s so amazing, I do wish the WWE would hire her to kill bitches dead in Kharma’s absence!

      I first saw her as Kong’s sidekick Raeesha. I remember when “Alissa Flash” debuted, I ran to the computer to find out more because I was so excited at another female wrestler I could get behind. Then I found out they were the same person and felt really sad and dumb….

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