Interview: Preston City Wrestling’s promoter Steven Fludder

If you fancy doing some defence of indy wrestling next month, one of the best places you could possibly be is PCW’s show on February 24th.

The bill features folk like friends of TOWIS Mark Haskins and Lionheart as well as other regulars on the circuit such as Johnny Moss and Noam Dar – it’s a stellar line-up, and with advance tickets all priced at under £12.50, I’d say that’s an absolute bargain.

PCW’s promoter Steven Fludder began running the company after seeing some less than good shows (“some dreadful tribute shows,” he complains) in the UK, and deciding that he could do better. And how did he begin to book his shows? By drawing on the contacts he’d made as a fan. Well, when he says “contacts”…

“I basically used to stalk them,” he laughs, and agrees that he was a huge, huge mark.

It’s obviously paid off. Now, the top stars on the scene get in touch with him to find out if slots are available – Nigel McGuinness put PCW on his farewell tour schedule last year.

PCW are also pushing new British talent – from the extreme youthfulness of Dar to the surely US-bound Lionheart – so if you want to support UK wrestling, you can find out more at PCW’s Facebook page.

Or, of course, you can watch clips from their shows right here:



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