Question: What next for Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston?

If the rumours are true, AirBoom dropped the tag-team titles to Primo and Epico and their ethnic stereotype ponchos this weekend.

Obviously we know that Evan Bourne was suspended for a wellness policy violation recently, so is this another strand of his punishment? If so, it seems a little harsh on Kofi Kingston.

So maybe Bourne is on his way out, and Kofi will be getting a new tag-team partner. Who might it be?

Alternatively, Kofi could go back into the singles scene. (Wrestling, not dating, just so we’re clear.) WWE is short on faces, but does Kingston have what it takes to be pushing for the main event picture? He was feuding with Dolphin Ziggler incessantly not too long ago, but Ziggler has made the step up – can Kofi do the same?

Your views, please.


One Response to Question: What next for Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston?

  1. Mike says:

    You’re right of course, WWE is incredibly short on top faces at the moment, and credible challengers for the heel champions. Kofi could quite easily be an interesting challenger for Cody Rhodes Intercontinental title.

    He’s certainly popular enough with the mainstream WWE fans. But while a large proportion of the younger audience appear to love Kofi unreservedly, I’m a little unconvinced. His style does nothing for me – maybe because it looks a little thrown together, maybe because it looks a little dangerous, but I always find myself biting my knuckles whenever he jumps off/over the top rope, and not in a good way either. More in the Please-Don’t-Kill-Someone-Or-Yourself way.

    I’m also confused as to why Kofi isn’t given much promo time. Aside from the somewhat ironic Hi-I’m-Kofi-Kingston-Please-Don’t-Try-This videos, he isn’t allowed to say much at all by the WWE. Which is a same, as he seems pretty confident and articulate (if that one clip is any indication, at least)

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