Question: what is the point of Perez Hilton, and why is he on WWE Monday Night RAW?

OK, so I understood (and in fact positively welcomed) the presence of Hugh Jackman and the Muppets, who had movies to shill when they were guests on Monday Night RAW.

But why Perez Hilton? (Certainly it is a question of our times.)

He wasn’t a guest throughout the show. He just announced the Divas match – the lowest-prestige match he could have been asked to announce, of course – and that was it.

Actually, no, that wasn’t it. He was booed roundly and vociferously by the crowd, and even his attempt at self-deprecation didn’t win them round.

It all ties into the Divas being guest bloggers on Hilton’s latest media enterprise, all about health and fitness. Seriously. Why is this happening?

Is Vince hoping for a rise in viewing figures stemming from Hilton’s readership? If so, I’d suggest he cuts out the sexism and the homophobia (which we saw yet again last night as Punk took the traditional Jerry Lawler role of mocking Vickie Guerrero and her appearance) as I don’t imagine that’ll be too popular.

And while we’re at it, not entirely sure how Hilton’s bitchiness fits in with the Show Tolerance and Respect thing. But then again I’m not entirely sure how WWE’s product itself does, so perhaps that’s not as odd.


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