Question: Who does Randy Orton think he is?

I don’t mean that in the existential sense, or in the “he hears voices in his head” confused sense. I mean that in the arrogant, self-centred, egotistical sense.

The only justifiable explanation I can think of for his comments in the most recent WWE magazine would be that it was in character. Yes, one of the company’s top faces is a mostly silent guy who acts like a heel and still gets cheered, so that might be a reason for saying:

“There’s not many guys in the locker room right now that I haven’t worked with or that I feel I can have that big WrestleMania match with. Who have I not worked with that’s anybody? Up-and-comers are being groomed to be the next top star, but will they ever get to where I’ve got?”

Dude, why are you asking these questions? You’re the senior guy in the locker room. You shouldn’t be sitting there griping and moaning about people not offering YOU enough in the ring to give you a “big WrestleMania match”. You should be working with these up-and-comers (or “nobodies”, as you so pleasantly seem to be referring to them) and helping to put them over and pushing them up to your level.

You remember the Undertaker, right? I know he’s not been around for a while, so let me jog your memory. Universally respected, dispenser of advice to all the talent. He’ll explain this to you. It’s the way he works, anyway, and the way that most senior wrestlers do.

Or while you’re still recovering from your injury or whatever the hell happened when Wade Barrett pushed you down those stairs, maybe you could take a look through any of the books by Mick Foley or Chris Jericho, where they talk about how grateful they were to the experienced guys when they were new, and how much they’ve enjoyed working with rookie talent to put them over.

It’s part of the job, Randy, you arrogant swine. Stop sitting on your backside waiting for opportunities to be thrown at you (although I imagine this is something you’re very used to), get some ideas of your own, suggest them to Creative, and make something interesting happen.


3 Responses to Question: Who does Randy Orton think he is?

  1. Mike says:

    Could we be looking at Triple H mark two here?

    No, because that’s completely unfair to Triple H, who had a LOT of criticism thrown at him during the Attitude era for “holding people down”, and yet was responsible for helping build up guys like Dave Batista and yes – Randy Orton himself.

    When Orton made his debut in the company, he was a bland, boring and oh-so-pretty injury prone high flier with no discernible personality.

    After LOTS of effort, time and help invested in him by countless WWE legends including (but not limited to) Ric Flair, Triple H, Mick Foley and the Undertaker, and a finish ripped straight from the playbook of Johnny Ace himself, Randy Orton is now one of the biggest names and draws in the WWE. (And bland, boring with no discernible personality).

    So here’s the rub, Randy. There’s a whole world of outstanding talent in the WWE’s roster, but YOU have a responsibility to the rest of locker room, just like the top draws of the Attitude era took responsibility for you. Without the guys who put you over, you’d just be the son of Cowboy Boy. Grow up, and do your job.

  2. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    Hear hear, both the original article and Mike’s comment above. Orton’s been given absolutely everything on a plate and he’s still a boring eejit.

    I like the vast majority of the current WWE roster and I can see redeeming features in most wrestlers. Hell, I even have a bit of time for Jinder Mahal! But I do not understand why anyone could like such a boring charisma vacuum as Randy Orton.

    Apparently Smackdown ratings have actually been doing better while he’s been away. Good! Hope it’s noticed and he’s jobbed out to Heath Slater!

  3. Randy bo Bandy says:

    He seems like a total DOUCHE.

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