Fact: Kharma is back and she is AMAZING

It’s 3.30 here in the UK, and Kharma has returned to the WWE in the Royal Rumble, making her the third woman to compete in the event.

She busted Dolph Ziggler’s implants, and eliminated Hunico, and made Michael Cole cry like a scared child.

I don’t know when she had her baby, but guessing that she was three months’ pregnant at the end of May when she stepped back from competition, I’m estimating that it must have been in November at the very earliest.

This makes her more incredible than she is already. In your face, all you stupid internet marks who don’t think women wrestlers should be allowed to have a job AND children.

Kharma is back. And she is ready to squash some bitches. Including Michael Cole. Hooray!


6 Responses to Fact: Kharma is back and she is AMAZING

  1. MarkySmark says:

    Who thinks women shouldn’t have jobs and kids? Are there seriously people that think that? Other than the idiot thugs that call women “bitches”.

  2. Carrie says:

    There were a LOT of internet comments saying that she shouldn’t have taken the job with the WWE if she knew she wanted to have children – and that was at the pleasant end of the scale.

  3. Carrie says:

    NB – have just looked at Kharma’s Twitter stream and there was a month-long break during November, so guessing she had the baby then!

  4. Mike says:

    Great to see Kharma back in action in the “E”. Hopefully her return will help shake the Divas division up a bit (she certainly shook Dolphin up a bit!) and get them some more TV time. With Beth off TV and Nattie doing ten-second matches with Tamina, it’s been pretty desperate recently.

    Which is a shame, because Beth, Nattie and Tamina are the probably the only real credible opponents WWE actually has for Kharma!

  5. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    I still haven’t stopped being delighted yet. That was my favourite Rumble moment ever.

  6. […] want to ask about returning to the ring after having a baby, which is obviously a hot topic since Kharma’s return to WWE at the Royal Rumble about a month after giving birth. How did you find it getting back to fighting fitness, and did […]

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