Fact: the world is odd, featuring CM Punk, Chris Brown, Eve, John Cena and Zack Ryder

We already know that CM Punk is a god amongst men, with progressive views on many things.

He spoke last week about male politicians attempting to restrict women’s access to birth control.

He’s gone public in supporting equal marriage rights for gays.

This week he responded to Chris Brown’s Twitter taunts by challenging him to a fight, with proceeds from the bout going to a women’s refuge.

Meanwhile, over on RAW, John Cena would doubtless argue that Rihanna deserved everything she got from her boyfriend, because sometimes women just don’t know when to shut up and let the menfolk speak, and God forbid they should do anything that men judge inappropriate.

Eve is now deemed a slut (with some kind of STD, apparently) because she, completely single, kissed a man (who does have a wife, but everyone has forgotten about her).

She’s a slut because sexually confident women are always sluts.

She’s a slut because she didn’t want to date Zack Ryder, the living embodiment of Nice Guy Syndrome if ever there was one, and Cena and Ryder both think she should.

And she’s a slut because she’s Eve the temptress (pun intended by me, though possibly not by the WWE) – the hurt and distress and anger and confusion that Cena and Ryder have experienced are all entirely her fault, and they take no responsibility for it.

Because it’s women’s fault. And if they stray out of line, they need to be disciplined and publicly humiliated so everyone knows that they have transgressed the rules. Right, John?

Expect to see Cena in Chris Brown’s corner in a ring near you very soon.


2 Responses to Fact: the world is odd, featuring CM Punk, Chris Brown, Eve, John Cena and Zack Ryder

  1. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    I love CM Punk quite completely again after this.

  2. […] of course, follows the slut-shaming of Eve (the only clever thing about Rock’s concert was the verse about Cena’s wife), the […]

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