Interview: Steve ‘Heavy D’ Evans talks about FPW’s new training school

If you’re in South London, are over 16, and have ever fancied giving wrestling a try, you can sign up to FPW’s training schools, which begin in Wallington at the end of the month.

You don’t need any previous experience – just a willingness to learn – and you’ll be under the tutelage of some of FPW’s top talent, including Jimmy Havoc, who’s the school’s head trainer.

“We do have a nice roster to pull trainers from,” says FPW co-founder Steve ‘Heavy D’ Evans. “Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr will be running one of their LDRS training sessions, focusing on the importance of the chain-style wrestling they’re known for; and we hope to have some classes with RJ Singh and Greg Burridge too.”

The range of talent they have on the roster will guarantee a broad range of sessions too. “Looking at the difference between the sizes and styles of the workers we have, there’s a lot that can be learned from all of them.

“We want to create the same community atmosphere with the school as we do with our shows,” says Evans.

It’s something that’s always been in the pipeline since the promotion was launched, as the nearest schools to the South London area are either out in Kent, or in East London, and the intent is to appeal to as broad a demographic as possible.

“We want people to feel confident and competent in their abilities,” he says. “We want people to learn the basics and develop their character based on that and what makes sense in relation to their size and ability. It has to be realistic.

“But we want to give people the opportunity to realise their dream of becoming a wrestler. And maybe we can create a few new Wardens.”

If you’re interested in FPW’s training school, get in touch with them via Facebook or Twitter.


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