Interview: Matt Morgan on Samoa Joe, Magnus, WWE and Victory Road

It’s common knowledge that the current pairings at the top of the TNA tag team division weren’t formed by friendship.

Samoa Joe and Magnus reckon they were thrown together to keep the most difficult talent away from everyone else; and Matt Morgan thinks he and Crimson were paired together for another reason.

“We were put together for a reason – to get and hold those tag titles,” he says. “We have a lot of differences. That is our Achilles heel, perhaps – not miscommunication, but we try to outshine one another.”

On Sunday, they will have to outshine champions Joe and Magnus – or “Joe and his boyfriend Magnus” as Morgan rather depressingly refers to them, intended as a burning insult. Perhaps pro wrestlers of the world could begin to lose the homophobic language?

“Would you prefer I refer to him as ‘his girlfriend Magnus’?” he asks. Ah, misogynistic language raising the stakes – we could probably do without that too.

It’s sad that Morgan resorts to the tired old tropes, because he clearly has respect for both of them, and speaks very highly of the progress the British man has made in recent months.

Even so, he’s adamant that he and Crimson will reclaim their titles on Sunday. “We’ve done it before. We’re bigger, we’re stronger, we’re way more athletic – and I like the chances of us being on the same page better than I like theirs.”

Morgan, like several of the TNA roster, spent a largely undistinguished and seemingly unhappy spell in WWE between 2002 and 2005. “Things have changed there,” he hastens to add. “I have friends there who I speak to, and things have changed. Younger guys are getting more creative freedom. They’re more open to accepting new ideas.”

He relishes the trust TNA’s creative team have put him right from the start. “It was well known that one of my strengths was speaking, so they gave me some freedom right out of the gate. So you have to keep the ball rolling and show them they can trust you. Now they give me bulletpoints [instead of a script], and I’ve worked hard for that trust.”

He talks a lot about himself – not so much about his partner Crimson. Does Morgan want to leave the tag team division behind? “I must be transparent. Although the tag titles are ultra-important, and I have pride in wearing them, I got into pro wrestling to be the top dog and to be the champion. I came out of my mother’s womb ready to be a champion. I am sick of waiting.”

TNA Victory Road is this Sunday March 18th, and airs in the UK on Challenge TV on Wednesday 21st March at 10pm.


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