Fact: FPW are fundraising for Cancer Research UK

It’s not unusual to find a raffle going on at an indy promotion. FPW’s forthcoming first anniversary show, though, will be doing something rather different.

They’ll be raffling off a variety of comic book art to raise money for Cancer Research UK prior to their May 5th event, giving worldwide fans the opportunity to win.

“Our big motivation has been our big community feel,” says co-founder Matt Burden. “We like seeing the same faces at our shows and interacting with them, so we wanted to do something special and get people involved.”

There will also be an auction of one of the most valuable pieces of work – and there’ll still be the same opportunity to win the usual raffle bundle on the night if you’re there in person.

For more details, check out the FPW website.

Image is of work by Dean Stahl.


One Response to Fact: FPW are fundraising for Cancer Research UK

  1. […] As we reported earlier in the month, FPW’s training school officially launches next weekend. It’s not been a quiet week for the South London promotion – co-founder Steve ‘Heavy D’ Evans broke his ankle and tibia last Sunday and has been in hospital for an operation to repair them (get well soon, dude)…but then Bret the Hitman Hart donated a pair of signed sunglasses to their raffle in aid of Cancer Research UK. […]

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