Interview: Jimmy Havoc talks about the official launch of FPW’s training school

As we reported earlier in the month, FPW’s training school officially launches next weekend. It’s not been a quiet week for the South London promotion – co-founder Steve ‘Heavy D’ Evans broke his ankle and tibia last Sunday and has been in hospital for an operation to repair them (get well soon, dude)…but then Bret the Hitman Hart donated a pair of signed sunglasses to their raffle in aid of Cancer Research UK.

So amidst this whirlwind of activity, I thought we should probably talk to the school’s head trainer, Jimmy Havoc.

“The kind of people I like to teach are people who want it and enjoy it,” he says. Does that mean that sometimes he’s faced with teaching people who are not completely dedicated? “Yes, I don’t like people who turn up and just want to do Stone Cold Stunners or something – people with attitude. I want people there who want to learn. I’m still learning myself; I learn something every time I have a show.”

Havoc also works with the London School of Lucha Libre’s classes – a very different style of working, obviously – and with IPW as well as being a part of some of the LDRS training sessions. He slots all this in around his study for a degree in film studies, and – oh yes – going to work as well. So it’s not surprising he expects a high level of commitment from students.

“I don’t want to teach people who turn out to be rotten, go out and work a show, someone asks who trained them and then it comes back to me,” he says with crushing honesty.

“You can spot who’ll get it from the start. There are people I’ve been wrong about – people who have worked, and done the same thing 1,000 times until they get it.”

As Heavy D explained previously, these classes are for over 16s only, but that doesn’t mean that students have to have any in-ring experience.

“We’ll start with the basics, and then go from there,” says Havoc.

If you’re interested in the FPW training school, get in touch with them on Facebook or Twitter.


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