Review: Wrestlemania 28 – what the hell was that?

Good grief. I mean, it’s not as if I expect stellar pay-per-views from WWE any more, but I was starting to get marginally excited. (Mostly because Jon at Progress Wrestling kept telling me to expect a Kings of Wrestling run-in at the end of the pre-show tag-team title match.)

However, when you begin with an 18-second squash of your World Heavyweight Champion (YES! YES! Um – no?), you’ve kind of set a tone for the evening.

Daniel Bryan entered the arena in a beautiful new Regal-esque robe, having made AJ jump round him shouting, “YES! YES! YES!” He then demanded a good luck kiss, and as he turned away from his ladyfriend, Sheamus brogue-kicked him. Poor Bryan. I can only hope beyond hope that he is injured, because the alternative explanations for him to be humiliated in such a way are just too much to bear.

I cared nothing for the Kane-Randy Orton match in the build-up and cared less when it was on TV, and I suspect most other viewers felt the same judging by the amount of traffic on Twitter talking about the Bryan-Sheamus match during it, and of course the epic chants of Bryan’s name in the arena.

Cody Rhodes lost his title to Big Show, who finally got his Wrestlemania moment and wept about it, of course; and Maria Mewhateverherbloodynameis pinned the Divas champion Beth Phoenix in a pointless, awful waste of time tag match.

Kudos to the senior citizens in the End of an Era match – it was compelling storytelling, even if the actual in-ring action was nothing we haven’t seen before (O HAI SLEDGEHAMMER!). Shawn Michaels, tormented by watching his best friend and his rival suffer so much, did a terrific job, even if he wasn’t actually refereeing for most of it (when he wasn’t unconscious, he was asking the combatants if he could ring the bell yet). I’m glad Taker finished on 20-0, and hope that he now moves into a dignified retirement.

I’d genuinely forgotten about the stupid General Manager feud, in which we learnt that Brie Bella is a better ring announcer than Nikki, and in which Team Johnny was, obviously, triumphant.

I did enjoy Punk-Jericho, and Y2J’s sequinned BEST IN THE WORLD trunks, but by that stage I was fairly sure Punk would retain anyway.

Rock-Cena was mostly standing about staring at each other again for the first 15 minutes or so, with Cena dressed in Hornswoggle-green, and some of the weakest-looking finishing manoeuvres I have ever seen. (That last STF was so loosely held it was laughable.) I was quite surprised to see Rock take the win, and of course this has given rise to lots of speculation as to whether it’ll be the trigger for a Cena heel turn. I’m still going with NO, THEY’LL NEVER TURN HIM HEEL, but who knows? Who can explain the thought patterns of WWE Creative?

Anyway. What did you think of Wrestlemania 28?

And what was your favourite match?


6 Responses to Review: Wrestlemania 28 – what the hell was that?

  1. The Rock-Cena finish was baffling shit. If they want to do another match (which is why probably they didn’t shake hands) I can’t figure out why the movie star will be back. If he had lost it, I could see a reason behind him coming back.

    The show was just held together by the Hell in a Cell match & Punk-Jericho. Though the group hug seemed quite out of character & story to me. But it was THE END OF AN ERA, so it’s okay.

    Repeat value for those two matches remains high for me.

  2. Mike says:

    As we all know, I tuned out approximately one minute into the show. The way the WWE went about the opener soured the entire Wrestlemania event for me.

    The pre-show tag team match was good, though.

  3. Alex says:

    I dont like your first poll.. bad options , turns off readers.

    Yeah your article is pretty accurate. An average Monday Night Raw has more thrills, and more excitement than some of these matches.

    WWE just has bad PPVs. Without any story or direction during it, sometimes I feel like I rather watch Raw.

    That being said I did enjoy Taker v HHH. Had me on the edge of my seat just like previous years. I wont go into details other than it is a 5 star match and should be watched by others. My only downfall is when it gets a bit slow at times. Not to mention it was a lengthy match, something I’ve read they had time restraint on other matches ( Byran v Shamus ? / Rhodes / Orton )

    Rock and Cean was only a 4star. Rock perform solidly but did seem maybe a slight sluggish. Cena botched a few moves and not to mention the finish wasn’t as great as expected.

  4. Dusty's Muffler says:

    I think you’ve been overly harsh. I personally felt they put on a good show – You’ve only really looked at the bad points and not commented on the presentation, build up to the event, feuds, promotional work they’ve done and of course the always emotional HOF – because as usual it was fantastic and they do go all out. 5 stars for that.

    Despite your critical account (at least for the majority), you’ll probably still watch Wrestlemania 29 – as will all the other WWE/Wrestling fans who watched it, regardless of whether they liked it or not. This is not a bad thing, it’s a great thing – because it shows that you are enjoying their product. You’ll forget about this Wrestlemania soon enough.

    What you’re saying is said by millions of fans every year after Wrestlemania (me included) and it’s nothing ‘new’, last year had equally bad reviews – but, with reference to my earlier point, we all tuned in again this year.

    My criticisms of the event would have to be the stupid stipulation of CM Punk vs Jericho match – which served no purpose. A no DQ match would have been a much better choice. I never like live bands at Wrestlemania, although it’s nice to see and does to some extent add to the showbiz of the event. Although if you would have asked either Flo Rida or the other one what the GTS was – they would have probably said “I think my friend drives one of those”.

    But yeah, some good points and some bad.



  5. Carrie says:

    I didn’t really like much of the build-up or feuds either, to be honest – Punk/Jericho was the only one that engaged me properly. I liked Cody embarrassing Show week to week as well. But the rest? Not so much. (I didn’t watch the Hall of Fame either because of the Tyson factor, although will check out Edge’s induction at some point.)

    I forgot to mention those bloody palm trees in the middle of the arena!

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