Interview: TNA’s Bobby Roode talks about Lockdown and enjoying being champion

Bobby Roode’s been part of some epic factions in his time.

“Every faction has a special place in my wrestling heart,” he recalls. “There was  Team Canada – that’s the country that I love and that’s where I broke into the company. The Christian Coalition thing, I barely remember it. Fortune was very special; a new incarnation of the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair – I learnt so much from Ric.”

But that’s it now. Roode does not see himself joining any groups in the future. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m the leader of the Selfish Generation,” he declares. “I don’t need anybody but myself.”

That’s pretty much his defining characteristic at the moment – he’s a dominant, domineering champion, who gained his belt by turning on his best friend with that cruel bottle shot. And on Sunday he’s facing James Storm once more in a title match.

“This has been building for the better part of 10 years,” he says. “It’s an opportunity for two homegrown TNA talents to prove to the world why we belong to the main event picture. I’m getting used to that role. I’m not ready to give it up quite yet.”

And particularly not to Storm, it seems.

“I want to shut up all the critics, and shut up everyone round the world who doesn’t think I’m a deserving champ or a dominant champion. I’ve beaten Jeff Hardy, AJ, Sting – I’ve gone through everybody. I know James Storm better than he knows himself. I can’t lose. I won’t lose.”

He’s looking forward to the challenge in the cage.

“I’m more stoked for this match than I’ve been for any other match in my life. This will prove who is the better man. After four years of tag-teaming and getting to know each other so well, this is the opportunity for one of us to walk out of there proving who deserves to be the champion. I’ve always been better than James and I’m going to prove it on Sunday.”

The success he’s currently having has been something he’s wanted since he was a child – but it doesn’t come as a surprise to him.

“Not to sound cocky, but when I dream, I dream big,” he says. “I love my life being champion.”

Bobby Roode defends his world title against Cowboy James Storm this Sunday (April 15th) at Lockdown, which is aired in the UK on Challenge TV on Wednesday (April 18th) at 10pm.


2 Responses to Interview: TNA’s Bobby Roode talks about Lockdown and enjoying being champion

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