Fact: Lembit Opik is a wrestler now

So Lembit Opik – 47-year-old former MP and ex-boyfriend of a Cheeky Girl and a weathergirl – is now a wrestler.

No, seriously.

Last week he was a “guest” at Welsh Wrestling’s show at Welshpool, and intervened by accusing Kade Callous of cheating to get his win over Iestyn Rees, and then by costing Callous a win in the Rumble later on.

And this is what happened.

So Opik has accepted Callous’s challenge to a grudge match on June 2nd at the same venue, and is currently having a bit of training with Rees himself. Really, this has got to be worth seeing if you’re in the area.

Alan Ravenhill of Welsh Wrestling is unsurprisingly delighted at the publicity – the show is nearly sold out six weeks in advance. “We’ve had 10,000 hits on our website in the past week,” he says. “Lembit is training with Iestyn now, and something will go down at our show in Didcot tomorrow.”

What’s Lembit making of his initiation into wrestling? “He’s loving it – although I was watching his face during the show last week and he did look shocked, as if he were worrying what he’s got himself into; he was wincing in pain with some of the moves!”

This will run and run. Check out Welsh Wrestling and get along to a show near you!


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