Interview: Kris Travis talks Owen Hart, television coverage and deathmatches

How and when did you first become interested in wrestling ?

Well, I used to watch wrestling when I was a child and grew up on WWF and WCW on ITV. I kinda grew up a little and fell out of love with wrestling, but Over The Edge when Owen Hart sadly died got my interest back into the business as I watched it to see if it was just storyline or if he had actually passed away.

How did you begin your training, and who was the biggest influence?

After watching wrestling for a while I bought a magazine and it advertised a wrestling school which was only 10 minutes from my house. After much umming and ahhhing Scotty Hexx and myself decided to go and give it a go! My biggest influence at that time was my trainer Alan Johnson – he taught me the basics very well and gave me a good foundation to build on.

Who are your favourite opponents?

My favourite opponents are definitely Kevin Thorn, Martin Kirby, Lionheart, Bubblegum and El Ligero. Any time I have got a match with these guys, I know I am going to have a great match and the chemistry is just amazing.

And who are your dream opponents, time-machine permitting? I’m guessing Owen Hart would have been one – am I right? 

Owen Hart would definitely have been my utter dream opponent – he had everything, ground based, strikes and high flying.

You’ve been part of UK Wrestling, which is one of the promotions making a huge effort to get the sport back on TV – how important do you think television exposure is?

To be honest, I don’t think TV exposure is too important. Until there is a promotion with top to bottom great talent and amazing productions then I don’t think it helps British wrestling in the slightest.

I had to stop watching your match against Lionheart at PCW in February because it was too brutal for me! What appeals to you about that kind of match?

Haha, sorry! That kind of match doesn’t really appeal to me, but as a feud progresses and the action intensifies then there comes to a point where you have to up the ante. I may do two matches of this kind a year. The rest are usually family-orientated and appeal to everyone .


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