Exclusive: licensing ‘technicalities’ mean FPW bring guerrilla wrestling to London

Well, Greg Burridge is always keen to see “fun and games” at wrestling shows, but his experience at FPW’s FutureMania tonight may be just a little bit over the top.

This morning we broke the story that Sutton Council had been forced to cancel the show at Wallington Hall due to a technicality – or “a small problem”, as they put it.

Gina Gillam, Sutton Theatres and Venues Manager, told TOWIS at the time: “We’re gutted we can’t host the Futuremania event in Wallington tonight as it looks like a great line up and a top night…we’re looking forward to hosting wrestling events here soon.”

The council worked with the guys at FPW to find a new venue at the very last minute, and the Canons Leisure Centre, Mitcham, just over the borough border in Merton, agreed to be the show’s new home.

Then at 5pm on Saturday afternoon, citing another licensing issue, the Leisure Centre too had to cancel the show.

Instead of cancelling altogether – and this is a show, remember, that’s raising money for Cancer Research UK – the FPW chaps took the very brave step to stage a guerrilla wrestling event right here in London.

The new venue stayed anonymous, with fans tipping each other off by phone (strictly no social media allowed) and meeting up to be driven to the top-secret location.

Sutton Council have been really supportive of FPW throughout this drama, and called the “technicality” both “sad and annoying”.

A source in Canons Leisure Centre explained to TOWIS that they had liaised with the local police as well as senior management and had it brought to their attention that the venue had not gone through the correct “box-ticking” exercise to host a wrestling show – although it is licensed to hold other sporting and artistic performances.

Merton Council have as yet been unavailable for official comment.

Keep an eye out here for more news soon.


4 Responses to Exclusive: licensing ‘technicalities’ mean FPW bring guerrilla wrestling to London

  1. Paul Smith says:

    Excellent show under such difficult circumstances. Shame on those responsible for trying to shut the show down they should be ashamed of themselves ! #FPW

  2. Mike says:

    Who would be so pathetic to try to get a charity show cancelled? And then there’s all the fans who could have potentially had their weekend’s entertainment ruined!

    Fair play to the FPW boys, who must have had a really frustrating weekend. The show must go on! #DEFEND

  3. I don’t admittedly know allot about British wrestling but thanks to FPW my eyes have been opened to the great deal of talent we have over here.
    FPW is a great family based company that I can comfortably take my son to (Will ‘The Power’ Wilkins) and know that he will have a great time (as do I) without worrying about the content or production although he is only 6 he wants to be a professional wrestler when he grows up and their talent and production values show how it can be done safely and responsibly no back yard rubbish here! He had been on count down for 3 months waiting for this and you can imagine the upset and disappointment if the ”person” responsible would have won I say person loosely don’t want to say what I really think of them :S.

    But the two things that really really bug me the most are 1: with the popularity of WWE, TNA, ROH and the like you would of thought it would be in the best interest of the British wrestling community to come together and gain its rightful place back into British homes and shown around the world not stab each other in the back history has shown through companies like WCW and ECW and even TNA in some respects that greed and backstabbing kill companies, careers and livelihoods.

    Point 2 IT WAS FOR CHARITY what kind of sick #### wants to stop a charity event if it was not a wrestling event you can bet the people of the country would be outraged!!

  4. […] returned to their home venue after all sorts of shenanigans stopped them from hosting Futuremania there back in May, and today’s show was basically a […]

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