Question: what’s the worst-organised wrestling show you’ve ever been to?

After all the debate about the necessary legal paperwork to host a wrestling show in the UK, I’ve been thinking more in the past few weeks about all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

We’ve heard wrestlers talk about promoters who don’t pay them (and criticising other wrestlers who are prepared to work for free); others have been disappointed with venue booking and the time they’ve been given in the ring.

Out in the audience, fans have been angry when someone they’ve paid to see has pulled out (like Kevin Nash’s cancellation of his appearance at IPW after their link-up with NWE went awry), even if that was beyond the promoter’s control – and just last night I noticed a double-booking for one top wrestler on the same date in June.

So I want to know your thoughts. What’s the worst-organised or most disastrous show you’ve ever been to or involved in? What made it so dreadful? Or maybe  you’ve heard horror stories from the past – feel free to share those as well. And of course you can stay completely anonymous!


4 Responses to Question: what’s the worst-organised wrestling show you’ve ever been to?

  1. The Brain says:

    Bit harsh to have a picture of IPW under the caption “worst organised wrestling show” – the IPW show had issues but it wasn’t that bad!

    People vote with their feet\money so if a show is bad the punters won’t return, surely?

    There’s loads of well run promotions out there (FPW, IPW, Progress, Lucha Brittania etc) so can’t we focus on them?


  2. Carrie says:

    Think it’s quite obvious that the IPW ref is to Nash and the NWE disaster!

  3. Dave says:

    I would disagree Carrie! Given all the guys did to make sure the show happened including great financial sacrifice I think it’s very harsh as it looks like the whole show was a disaster! I believe the Nash situation was handled very well in terms of refunds being offered & transparency to fans. As someone who attended it was far from it & was infact very good! (one look at the trailer will confirm this!)

    If it was a 1PW pic or an Adam Bowler classic sure but that’s very harsh

  4. Aaron Walker says:

    Most of the 1PW shows i went too.

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