Fact: Vince McMahon is angry with Randy Orton

I saw an article today that I really, really hope is true.

It claimed that Vince McMahon is angry with Randy Orton for his “outspoken indifference” to his second suspension for a wellness violation.

Apparently Orton was suspended as soon as possible after the results came through, so that he’d be back in time for SummerSlam, but “something happened” shortly afterwards, and now Vince isn’t all that fussed about him returning any time soon at all.

Not a good year for the varnished-teak marionette puppet, after losing his role in the Marine sequel to the Miz, who has no history of dishonourable military discharges.

But maybe a good year for we the viewers.


4 Responses to Fact: Vince McMahon is angry with Randy Orton

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting article, and I don’t doubt WWE is furious with Orton. Being top of the food chain in WWE means you will be looked upon as a role model, and Orton’s suspension will be a huge blow for the company that has invested so much time and money into his development.

    There’s a lot of guys on the roster who, given half of the backing Orton’s had, could do twice as much for the company without risking it’s reputation.

  2. I’m hoping this might give him a kick up the arse motivation wise? or at least he’ll come back with a change of personality I hope!

  3. workmancer says:

    I kinda thought this will just lead him into movies… He was supposed to do Marine 3 before uh marines found out he went AWOL and threatened to boycott. I’d LOL if the Marine 3’s plot was about a Marine that went AWOL, realized his error and returned. I’d also like to pitch Marine 4: Miss Marine with Trish Stratus or someone that can act. I know of plenty of female Marines (Marinas)… all of which are 5′ tall.

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