Interview: Iestyn Rees talks IPW:UK and tagging with Jimmy Havoc

Saturday night sees Iestyn Rees return to IPW:UK to tag with Jimmy Havoc against the Bhangra Knights.

Frankly I don’t think I need to say anything else. That sounds awesome enough.

“It’s great going back to the promotion where I have had the most success and high profile matches,” says Rees.

It’s been a tough few years for Rees, admittedly.

“Obviously the last two years plus, I have been mainly sidelined with various injuries and two knee surgeries,” he says. “However, I’m back fully fit and in the best shape I’ve been in so my plan is to get back to the top in IPW and get in the hunt for the gold.”

And his return is in what promises to be an amazing tag match.

“Me and Jimmy have very different styles,” admits Rees, with impressive understatement. “I’ve seen him ‘wrestle’ a few times and it’s always interesting, to say the least!”

Of course, Havoc’s been spending the past three months trying to convince everyone that he has enough technical wrestling skills, not just bloodspilling skills, to slot into the Progress Wrestling roster for their show on Sunday – so perhaps Saturday will see the first official outing of the  new version of Havoc…

As for their opponents, Rees is respectful, but confident of the result.

“The Bhangra Knights are a well rounded team travelling up and down the country successfully at various promotions – but I feel that the size and big match experience i bring to the match will be too much for them.”

Fair enough. Get down to Swanley on Saturday night if you can and support British wrestling!


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