Interview: The Blossom Twins talk about their upcoming Pro-Wrestling:EVE clash with the Owens!



It’s a sister act at Pro-Wrestling EVE: Special Edition on July 14th, as the Blossom Twins take on newcomers the Owens Twins.

I decided to ask the Blossoms what they’re expecting from their opponents…

“Like with every match we are training hard and getting together a game plan,” says Hannah. “For this match in particular we want to be on top form and prepared for anything. We know the advantages of being twins, being a strong unit and tag team and we are not going to let anyone beat us at our own game.”

“I’m excited about this match as it’s always great to be a part of something that no one has seen before,” says Holly. “It’s going to be a challenge but we are preparing ourselves and are looking forward to it.”

The girls were 12 when they first got into wrestling – “We watched it on TV one Saturday with our brother and never stopped; we loved it and decided that’s what we wanted to do,” explains Holly.

Since then, they’ve wrestled all over the world, including joining the roster in OVW, where both of them have claimed the women’s title.

With EVE, though, they also get the opportunity to wrestle on other male-dominated bills, including the huge IPW:UK show at the Troxy earlier this year.

“Working at EVE has given us the opportunity to face new talent all with different styles,” says Hannah, “so it has been a valuable experience for us and we look forward to stepping in the ring with each girl on the roster and challenging ourselves as we do so.”

” It’s nice to be surrounded by girls who have a passion for the business and work hard,” adds Holly.

So what next? Unsurprisingly, the girls are unanimous on this, and Hannah speaks for them both: “The journey to get to this point right now has been amazing and my ambition is to keep growing and learning and to one day wrestle for TNA or WWE.”


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