Fact: the new NXT is amazing

Thank goodness the epic torture of NXT Redemption is over.

What’s more, thank goodness for the new incarnation of NXT – apparently the replacement for FCW, which was regularly awesome in its own right but usually occurred in front of an audience of eight, albeit including William Regal.

Here are some reasons for the brilliance of the new NXT. And I will brook no argument.

1) It has wrestling. Actual wrestling. With characters. Actual characters. And they are building these characters through storytelling and vignettes. You can’t possibly have watched the Bray Wyatt VTs and not been excited by them.

2) It’s structured as a proper wrestling show now. There’s a permanent home, there’s a crowd who aren’t just sitting through these matches because they got there too early for the big stars, there are commentators (which include Jim Ross, giving it a sense of authenticity and a stamp of approval), and as yet there have been no occurrences of people resigning from the company because they are so very very bored with the show.

3) There are no “redemption points”. Now, obviously NXT Redemption forgot about the entire purpose of the series midway through, which was a plus, but it was a stupid concept for a show to begin with.

4) Damien Sandow. A man with pink trunks, purple boots, an ability to cartwheel, and a beard. I love him and so should you.

5) Tyson Kidd is a big name here.

6) There may be only two Divas in competition so far, but they are Divas who can wrestle.

7) The poor Americans don’t get to watch it, giving Regal full rein to let his British humour (mostly shocking innuendo) loose.

I’m not saying the new NXT is perfect (for example, the Regal element is slightly reduced; Caylee Turner is still there; there’s the ever-present fear that Matt Striker may re-emerge at any second) but this is a damn sight better than anything we saw on Redemption.

What do you think?


6 Responses to Fact: the new NXT is amazing

  1. I think FCW is still running too! Saw the 24/06/12 episode on Youtube?
    Apart from that the new NXT is amazing, it’s reminiscent of some of the old territory shows, but with a much better production value and more athletically gifted competitors (I’d like to see more experience or free reign in there). I’m also currently memorised by Bray Wyatt’s theme!

    • Carrie says:

      I think FCW finished filming start of June, but there are still episodes to air – could be wrong on that though!

  2. Mike says:

    It’s incredible that the how isn’t currently being aired stateside, or on WWE.com for that matter. You only have to take a quick look on the comments section on Youtube to see how impressed people are with the new NXT format, and how eager they are for more.

    In many ways the new show is what I had anticipated the original NXT to be – a legitimate, credible stage for new talent to preform and develop on, outside of the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the WWE’s two flagship shows. And although a few people from the original episodes of NXT progressed to bigger and better, far more were overshadowed by their mentors on NXT, became lauging stocks due to the unscripted nature of the broadcast and it’s ridiculous challenges, and found themselves given little chances to show their true potential on the main roster. At times is seemed more of an hour-long ribbing session than a wrestling show.

    But the new NXT – wow. The show is an hour of solid wrestling. The performers are given plenty of time, and it feels like a real proving ground for young, upcoming talent. Which it has in droves.

    I’m looking forward to more.

  3. Matt says:

    I agree with everything you say about the new NXT – it looks set to be one of the most exciting wrestling shows on TV. At a time when WWE have seemed to get quite a lot wrong, this has really gone right, and I just hope they don’t bring people up to the main shows just to bury them again.

    However I would say I was actually quite a fan of the old NXT. In fairness I didn’t watch it from the start so missed all of the ‘redemption’ and mentoring nonsense, but I did enjoy a lot of the later stuff (most of the matches were better than plenty on RAW and SD) and I lived for Regal’s commentary (which spawned http://www.regalsays.com / @regal_says). I don’t think he will be quite the same sitting next to JR as he was next to Josh Matthews, and I really enjoyed the Regal/Matthews combination, but nobody can not like Regal and JR so I won’t complain!

    I was under the impression FCW was continuing ‘as is’ because NXT is only filmed once a month, so they keep taping as a true developmental terrirory with new NXT more of a direct replacement to the older one, but I could be wrong on that.

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