Question: What is going to happen in the WWE championship contract Money in the Bank match?

Everyone’s attention is focused on the Daniel Bryan v CM Punk title match, with AJ as special guest referee, but something weird is going to happen in the Money in the Bank match for former WWE champions.

Yes, OK, there seems to be a consensus that John Cena will win so everything else is academic, but there’s more to this match than there initially appears.

For starters, there is no way it’ll just have four contestants, with two of them being Kane and Big Show. It would be the most tedious ladder match of all time.

So one can only predict some kind of late entrant – or two. Who else would be eligible?

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton both would, but they’re still in disgrace for wellness-related reasons.

The Miz is, but he’s still off being a film star.

Interestingly, Alberto del Rio is as well – so depending on the formation of the card, perhaps he’ll enter himself in this match should he lose against Sheamus in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Or vice versa. Sheamus too would be eligible.

Or, again depending on the formation of the card, if CM Punk loses against Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship, perhaps he’ll do the same.

Failing that, our only other conceivable entrants are members of the McMahon dynasty (Triple H and Vince himself), Brock Lesnar, the Rock…or Batista.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to see now…so help me decide.


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