Review: FPW Summertime Brawl 2, Wallington Hall, Sunday July 22nd 2012

On the first sunny day London has had all year (pretty much), it was pleasing for any fan of British wrestling to see so many people queuing to get into Wallington Hall.

FPW returned to their home venue after all sorts of shenanigans stopped them from hosting Futuremania there back in May, and today’s show was basically a celebration of their obstinacy and tenacity in continuing in the face of adversity. 

As always, this was a card aimed at a family audience, and boasted a fantastic and heartwarming atmosphere – the only inappropriate language came, unsurprisingly, from a small child in the crowd who managed to be both racist and homophobic when heckling Noam Dar.

Ah, Noam Dar. What more can I say about this man? He is all class, a classic cowardly antagonist, a terrific technician, and full of personality. If only his accent were slightly less impenetrable at times for this cloth-eared South London audience. He faced off against Jimmy Havoc, who’s ridiculously over in what’s become his home promotion, and they gave us one of the grossest moments ever seen in professional wrestling as Dar placed his chewed-up gum in Havoc’s mouth. I’m still shuddering.

Speaking of which, as his gimmick centres on crotch-thrusting, it’s vaguely disturbing how much the younger denizens of the FPW fanbase love Greg Burridge, bestowing him with sweeties, and, when his fluffy dice were finally sliced off by the Warden (ouch), handing over their own tribute dice so that he wouldn’t be without a pair.

(Incidentally, talking of the Warden, and on a vague tangent, the baldness – inflicted on him by Burridge at Futuremania in the Hair vs Dice match – very much suits him.)

The Bhangra Knights have clearly now found their niche as a face tag-team, getting a huge pop when they appeared and getting everyone on their feet dancing. They took on the London Riots, who spent much of the afternoon interfering in matches (such as a very sparky little opener between Paul Robinson and Bagheera, which deserved to go the distance) and getting them thrown out – it seems that we’ll be waiting until October and the Trick or Treat show to get a real denouement for several of today’s bouts.


One Response to Review: FPW Summertime Brawl 2, Wallington Hall, Sunday July 22nd 2012

  1. Harry Bo says:

    I picked up on the vaguely disturbing aspects of the show, but the sort that a right winged american hockey mum would kick up a fuss about, and looks bad on paper, but in reality, it was clearly just harmless fun. I did feel slightly cheated, and it really grinds my gears when I go to see an event, and the whole thing is a build up for the next event. It obviously makes sense to have a story line, but not where nearly every fight ends in a disqualification, and the fighters say “next time at halloween havoc, I’m gonna get you”. I absolutely loved the Bangra Knights, they were the best thing about the show, and really pulled the “turning face” to perfection. The battle royale was amazing, i was watching in awe, until 2 fighters just walked out lamely and got disqualified. The thing lost its momentum from there, but was still great. The tag match and the Royale were of such high tempo, and then everything was ruined by the offbeat, anti climactic main event that was Havoc vs Scottish dude. The Scotsman really showed signs of a great heel when he squashed that mars bar, but it should have gone from that point into a high paced match. Unfotunately, it started so slowly, and never got off the ground. What a let down, I fell asleep due to boredom. That would have really annoyed me because it ruined the show, but luckily the Bangra Knights saved the event with a Bangra hoe down at the end. I’ve seen them before, and thought their manager, the Mouth of the East, was hilarious, but this time I saw how incredibly talented in all aspects of pro wrestling that these guys are. Fun event, slightly spoiled by the fact that it was made to feel like a platform for the next one, awful main event that should have been a mid card toilet break match, but still the show had some amazing stuff.

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