Question: why have WWE released Sofia Cortez?

It seems impossible that there are now only two alumni from the last series of Tough Enough still with WWE.

There’s Christina Crawford, aka Caylee Turner, who continues to display weak ring ability (if the NXT episode last week is anything to go by) and cut one of the worst promos I have ever seen on poor Bill De Mott who tried desperately not to laugh at her.

And there’s Ariane Andrew, aka Cameron, who graces WWE programming as one of Brodus Clay’s Funkadactyls and who announced proudly that her favourite ever wrestling match is Melina v Alicia Fox.

WWE used to employ another female graduate of that series, Ivelisse Velez, aka Sofia Cortez, who’s been wonderful on FCW and more lately NXT, teaming up with Paige to form the Anti-Divas.

Except now she’s been future endeavoured, and nobody seems to know why.

Presumably this hasn’t been in the works for long – she’s in the opening credits of the new series of NXT, she was in storylines there, and seemed set to form part of what was boding well to be a revitalised Divas division.

Dirtsheets are questioning whether Ivelisse was getting a bit twitchy about her career progression, and not shy about saying so. If she was, you can hardly blame her. She is certainly better than at least three-quarters of the current female roster, and she should be moving up to the main shows rather than lingering on NXT for too long. Seeing joke talent like Cameron on RAW and Smackdown must be galling when you know you’re actually a gifted wrestler.

Well, now she’s gone, and so has Kharma, and Kelly Kelly is back. Are we getting the Divas division we deserve?


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