Fact: Revolution Pro Wrestling and IPW:UK are now two separate promotions

As you may have seen over the weekend, there have been some changes afoot at IPW:UK.





Revolution Pro Wrestling will now be the promotion putting on the shows primarily at Sittingbourne, while IPW:UK is going to operate at Swanley.

This is because Daniel Edler and Andy Quildan, the pair previously behind IPW:UK, had a disagreement on the future direction of the company, and over the past week or so agreed to go their separate ways – with Edler retaining the IPW:UK name and Quildan setting up as RPW.

Quildan is proud of the work he and his team have done as IPW:UK over the past four years, promoting over 100 shows, including April’s Revolution at the Troxy. His intention is simply to carry on that work under the new RPW name.

“Moving forward, it’s just business as usual for us,” he says. “All that’s changing is the three initials across the door.”

Edler set up IPW:UK in 2004, and sees its first few years as its heyday still.

“This was the prime time for IPW:UK in my eyes – every show was must see, no fan dared miss a show,” he recalls. “I get so much feedback, even to this day, asking about those shows or our wrestlers from that period of time. Our international stars were additions rather than the requirements to ensure people came through the door.   We developed our own talents who you weren’t really seeing elsewhere, but were better than those that you were.”

Edler took  a step back from wrestling promotion between 2007 and 2009, admitting, “My heart wasn’t really in it,” and even in the past two years accepts that very little has been seen of him, but now intends to give IPW:UK his full focus again.

“Now in 2012 wrestling is again my main focus and as a result, I needed to return IPW:UK to my core values,” says Edler. “We have spent August securing new venues to take help take our product to different audiences once again, as we did in our heyday.”

Both promotions intend to retain the same roster of talent.

“Nothing’s going to change, you’re still going to get the highest quality pro wrestling, you’re still going to get the biggest international names,” says Quildan. “There’s going to be no restrictions as to where we can go in the future.”

Find out more about Revolution Pro Wrestling and IPW:UK on their websites.


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