Fact: Dusty Rhodes thinks Paige “should have been born a guy”

Dusty Rhodes, the NXT commissioner, has an odd Twitter account. The spelling and syntax are both terrible, but the profile picture is him at home and his eldest son tweets him, so even though the account isn’t verified, I think we can be fairly sure it’s him.

He tweeted last week about NXT’s Anti-Diva, England’s very own Paige, and enthused thus:

Obviously this was meant as a compliment – Paige is incredibly talented in the ring. And I wanted to object to it and claim that she can shine just as well as a female wrestler.

But it’s not true, is it? If Paige were a man, she’d get more ring time to show off  her skills, she’d be taken seriously, and she’d definitely be paid more money. As a Diva, the best she’s probably going to get is a five-minute match tops on RAW or Smackdown at some point in the next few years, plus a bikini gallery on the WWE website, and if she really gets over, she’ll take a step back from what makes her special and be put into tight-fitting suits as an on-screen executive or assistant to someone else.

So yes, Dusty, you’re right. WWE continues to be the least-worst option for a female wrestler who wants to make it her job. And gifted female wrestlers would indeed be doing better in their career if they were men. Cheery thought, no?


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