Facts: More details about TNA’s British Boot Camp with Marty Scurll, Rockstar Spud and the Blossom Twins

Hooray! We finally have more details of what constitutes the TNA British Boot Camp!

We already knew it’d feature Friend of TOWIS Marty Scurll, the invariably out-of-tune karaokist Rockstar Spud, and former champions of OVW (TNA’s development territory) the Blossom Twins.

Now we learn that Challenge TV and TNA are intending to “search for a UK superstar” as the quartet head to the US and are trained by high-profile coaches, apparently including Hulk Hogan and Rollerball Rocco.

The press release also oddly states that “the finalists will enter the TNA developmental system”, bearing in mind the Blossoms have already been there and have presumably been watched by TNA previously, but hey ho.

The six-part series, airing in December, will end with a match at the TNA Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida, when they’ll be assessed by a judging panel plus TNA president Dixie Carter for their chance to win a contract.

More news again when we have it!

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