Preview: Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s two-year celebration

Southside’s promoter Ben Auld has just revealed to me that his day job is in banking. Is he one of those tabloid demons who command huge bonuses at the nation’s expense?

“Definitely, definitely not. Although,” he adds, thoughtfully, “if I were, I’d probably spend it all on promoting and put on more really, really good shows.”

Auld’s a wrestling fan – as are most promoters who go into the business – but he treats his shows with admirable common sense while at the same time not stinting on spending.

“There’s probably four people in the country who spend as much on their shows as I do,” he admits.

He says drawing a crowd and having a good atmosphere are his priorities on show days – although making back his expenditure is crucial, he’s usually confident that tickets combined with merchandise sales will cover it.

He’s also confident that his roster – a huge line-up of talent from all over the world – is as good as anyone else’s in the UK – the only problem he has is deciding which ones to book on shows.

One ever-present is Stixx, the leader of the House of Pain faction; and one who’ll feature on the next series of confirmed SWE shows is Mark Haskins, formerly of TNA.

“He’s now a regular,” says Auld. “TNA messed up there.”

Talking of TNA, two of his other wrestlers are working there at the moment, in the British Boot Camp – Marty Scurll, the current Speed King Champion, and Rockstar Spud, who he rates very highly – “he’s really clever. He gets it.”

Despite the fact their potential TNA contracts will conflict with their SWE bookings, Auld’s hoping for international success for both. “I think a lot of both of them. I hope they do make it and do well out there.”

SWE’s shows for the rest of the year:

20th October – Raw Deal – Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre – Stevenage

28th October – 2nd Anniversary Show – Priory Centre – St Neots

30th November – SWE v HOP – Ill Manors – Rushcliffe Arena – West Bridgeford, Nottingham

1st December – Seasons Beatings II – Medway Centre – Huntingdon


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  1. […] I’m completely honest, my favourite part of Southside Wrestling’s Raw Deal 2 came at the start of the second half, as the partisan crowd voiced their objections to Stixx and […]

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