Fact: tonight is Survivor Series 2012

So after a couple of weeks of thrown-together nonsense where the very THOUGHT that a grown-up single woman might have slept with a grown-up single man has been deemed a “scandal” and where the “traditional Survivor Series match” has been scrabbling around for some semblance of a storyline, tonight is finally Survivor Series.

CM Punk v John Cena v Ryback – Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

Probably Punk will pin Cena and retain, triggering another 12 months whereby Cena whines about Punk not having beaten him enough to justify being champion, or something.

Big Show v Sheamus – World Heavyweight Championship

I am so bored with Sheamus. Fella. Show to retain. Or Regal to interfere. Either way.

Antonio Cesaro v R-Truth – US Championship

Cesaro had better win. Truth is just the kind of midcard has-been he should be uppercutting into oblivion.

Eve v Kaitlyn – Divas Championship

Can’t see Eve losing, but will the belts really stay on everyone they came in with?


I’ve forgotten why Foley interfered with this. Oh, yes, it was because he was shouting at Punk. Except now Punk isn’t in this match. Also, Cody Rhodes might not be if he’s not cleared having incurred a concussion courtesy of Kane during the WWE Main Event earlier in the week.

On the plus side, Wade Barrett is, and now Paul Heyman owes him a favour. Let us hope that the writers do not forget this. Barrett as a Heyman guy would be money.

Random pre-show filler – the 3MB v Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

I’m sure there’s a reason this is happening, though I can’t think why, and at least it’s not the Prime Time Players.

All in all, I’m not entirely inspired. Are you looking forward to this PPV?


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