Fact: Comic Wrestling Alliance need your help!

dannygarnell (2)Our friends at Comic Wrestling Alliance seek your assistance!

They’ve been promoting some great wrestling artwork lately, and now have a new series on the go – the ‘Signature Series’, drawn by Dean Beattie.

Promoter Graham Beadle explains: “Each picture in the ‘Signature Series’ will in fact be two pics, with each wrestler putting their opponent in their signature move.”

The first two match-ups in the series are Majik v Jimmy Havoc, and RJ Singh v Danny Garnell.

Thing is, Singh’s finisher is the Ethnic Submission, Majik’s is the Spellbinder – but Garnell’s Texas Cloverleaf and Havoc’s Reverse Piledriver don’t have special wrestler-specific names.
At least, not yet. That’s where you come in.
If you have any bright ideas, get in touch with CWA this week and be in with the chance of winning yourself some unique artwork as well as getting to pick who’s next in line to be immortalised in comic art format!

One Response to Fact: Comic Wrestling Alliance need your help!

  1. Thankyou Carrie. Worded a darn sight better than the email I sent you.

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