Fact: NXT is the best wrestling show on television

I’ve always enjoyed watching NXT since its reboot (I gave up on NXT Redemption in horror, around about its 4,659th week of competition). I wrote about some of its plus points last summer, but since then it’s improved even further – and the last two episodes have been amazing.

First of all, the NXT universe and the WWE universe have finally collided. Champion Seth Rollins turned heel, accompanied by his Shield cohorts Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (finally making his NXT debut several weeks after his WWE debut). And Big E Langston was there as an enforcer to mete out his own brand of justice.

Langston in NXT is brilliant. They clearly wanted him to be some kind of all-conquering monster, feared and hated, but the crowd LOVE him. They love his destruction of his opponents; they love that he’ll pin them for five; and they love that he’ll just continue doing his finisher and pinning people until everyone gets bored (or their backs break).

“What’s that you say?”


“You want me to pin him for five? Oh…OK then!”


“One, two, three, four, five! I’m OVER!”


(Poor Camacho.)

In a similar vein, the intent for Paige was originally to have her as some kind of mysterious, vampire-like heel, paired with Sofia Cortez as they bitched about the poor defenceless “Barbie” divas.

Except the NXT crowd know as well as the rest of us do that Paige and Sofia were entirely right.

Sofia has since departed, leaving Paige as the leading light of the NXT Divas, and they LOVE seeing her rip bitches apart. They found an Aussie to wrestle her a fortnight ago, who looked decent in the ring, but despite her face-Diva awful dancing, she couldn’t catch a break with an audience who adore Paige.

I’ll leave it to William Regal to summarise her: “You can say her skin is like ivory, or whatever, but she will quite happily kick your head in.”

And meanwhile we’ve just been introduced to Adrian Neville (it seems the first name may be a tribute to Adrian Street), whom we in the UK know better as PAC.

NXT is awesome, and you should be watching it. Fact.


6 Responses to Fact: NXT is the best wrestling show on television

  1. I’ve always got time for NXT, if it was available on freeview I’d finally have a reason to watch tv!

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah, it’s a bit of a chore – they have it on Sky Sports around midnight on a Thursday, but like all WWE content, it’s not available via On Demand or YouTube 😦

  2. Mike says:

    LOL Camacho.

    • Carrie says:

      lol camacho

      • Mike says:

        Agree entirely with the article. Best hour of wrestling on TV. It’s action centric, but in between the promo segments and commentary there’s enough story to keep it engaging and everyone gets their turn to show what they can do.

        And of course the Full Sail crowd is amazing.

        Kudos to the way it’s written. For example Big E – clearly a heel when he made his debut, but the crowd got behind him and they ran with it. Great stuff.

  3. its available on hulu plus now. I don’t know if its on regular vanilla hulu.

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