Fact: you should be voting Ross Jones, aka RJ Singh, for Impact Wrestling Gut Check

rjsinghOne thing you can say about TNA – things are never straightforward. (I’ll be doing a post about Brooke Hogan being the worst wrestling bride at some point in the future.)

Today, however, I’m focusing on their new Gut Check vote. There are more than 300 names in the hat to get a try-out, divided into 16 brackets. You can vote for one nominee in each bracket.

And thus I urge you to vote for Ross Jones, aka RJ Singh of the Bhangra Knights, in Bracket 1. Apart from anything else, we already know that TNA love British educational professionals.

But he’s a terrific wrestler and a charismatic entertainer, and deserves his shot.

I also note Adrian McCallum in Bracket 6 – aka Lionheart – who apparently retired last month at PCW. This may be the quickest-ever return from wrestling inactivity. When the poll originally went up, he was listed as “Adam” and with a birthdate some time in 1987, which was odd; but it’s now all been corrected, and this is indeed him.

The first-round vote closes on March 11th.


6 Responses to Fact: you should be voting Ross Jones, aka RJ Singh, for Impact Wrestling Gut Check

  1. Phil says:

    Also vote for Jonathan Ellis in bracket 13 who is one-half of Lucha Britannia’s Hooligans!

  2. Carrie says:

    Stupid TNA’s stupid web page, everyone is going to be so boggle-eyed from reading the lists that they won’t see anything below bracket 8 (or maybe that’s just me)…

  3. Honest Rob M says:

    Vote Samuel Steel in Bracket 7. Awesome British wrestler from Milton Keynes who I have had the pleasure of training with and even stepping into the ring with.

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