Fact: some thoughts on ‘The Life and Times of Mr Perfect’

February 27, 2013

mr perfectCurt Hennig’s body of work is a little bit before my time as a wrestling fan. I’d seen some of his matches, obviously; I knew that he was the second of three generations of wrestlers in his family; and I knew about the circumstances of his death.

Watching ‘The Life and Times of Mr Perfect’, though, was still a fascinating experience – not just because of his magnificent wrestling, nor because of the insights his friends and family gave into his character, but because it made me cry.

It was sad to see the impact his death had had on those close to him; and I couldn’t bear to watch his son Joe – better known to us as Michael McGillicutty – talk about it. And it is incredibly sad to think that though Curt spent some of his early career tagging with his dad, Larry ‘the Axe’ Hennig, Joe won’t get the chance to do that with his own father.

It’s a terrific watch – I recommend it.

Question: what was Jack Swagger thinking?

February 25, 2013

jack-swagger-mugshotIt’s a time-honoured tradition in the mainstream US promotions to get arrested for some kind of driving-related incident. It’s almost an initiation, if you will. Your mugshot will join that of scores of others significantly more famous than you; it’ll be forgotten fairly soon. Who remembers that Kaitlyn got arrested before Christmas for not paying a speeding ticket, or that Cameron was arrested last summer for driving under the influence (and then according to Wikipedia claimed to be a “sales associate”)?

The thing is, to be arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and possession of marijuana seems to be entirely over the top.

Not just that, for that to happen a week after you’ve made your return to WWE after six months out is even more excessive.

And then for that to happen a week after you’ve returned and been slotted into a main event programme for Wrestlemania is just plain irresponsibly stupid.

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Question: what did people expect TNA Gut Check to be?

February 10, 2013

Gut-CheclI’ve followed the fallout of the TNA Gut Check Challenge voting suspension with interest.

To those who have missed out on this latest piece of ridiculousness, TNA had a list of a few hundred indy wrestlers from around the globe, organised into “brackets”. Fans were then encouraged to vote for their favourite candidate, who would then progress to the next stage. Significantly, you could only vote once in each bracket.

As voting snowballed, we learnt that it wouldn’t be one candidate from each bracket progressing; it would be three.

And then voting limits were removed, meaning you could vote repeatedly for your favourite.

And then voting was stopped altogether.

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Question: who is merch for?

February 9, 2013

Thanks to Friend of TOWIS Iestyn Rees, I’ve been mulling this one over. He tweeted last night:



He then added:

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Facts from FPW Reloaded, Wallington Hall, February 3rd 2013

February 3, 2013

421034_510234235664175_1422120349_nA cold Sunday afternoon in February requires some kind of illumination. Future Pro Wrestling, in their first event of 2013, provided the stars and warmed a sell-out crowd at the Wallington Hall in south London.

Once more the hero of the afternoon was the Cockney Crusader Greg Burridge, dice-thrusting as always, who led his team to victory in the opening six-man tag.

He celebrated by proposing to an obsessive ladyfan in the front row: “I love you TOO, honey! We love EACH OTHER! Let’s get married! We could have a wedding at a show! We could book Jake Roberts to do a run-in!” which garnered loud cackling from those of us of a certain age but went over the heads of the youngsters. Read the rest of this entry »