Question: what was Jack Swagger thinking?

jack-swagger-mugshotIt’s a time-honoured tradition in the mainstream US promotions to get arrested for some kind of driving-related incident. It’s almost an initiation, if you will. Your mugshot will join that of scores of others significantly more famous than you; it’ll be forgotten fairly soon. Who remembers that Kaitlyn got arrested before Christmas for not paying a speeding ticket, or that Cameron was arrested last summer for driving under the influence (and then according to Wikipedia claimed to be a “sales associate”)?

The thing is, to be arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and possession of marijuana seems to be entirely over the top.

Not just that, for that to happen a week after you’ve made your return to WWE after six months out is even more excessive.

And then for that to happen a week after you’ve returned and been slotted into a main event programme for Wrestlemania is just plain irresponsibly stupid.

So the question must be asked – what was Jack Swagger thinking?

(And what is Zeb Colter thinking? His granddaughter was killed by a drunk driver last year. I’ve seen people speculating that he wouldn’t mind Swagger’s screw-up because surely he and his friends behaved badly in their youth; but I’d suspect such a terrible loss might have changed his mind a little when it comes to appropriate conduct.)

Perhaps Swagger thought everyone would be on a longer leash now that Linda McMahon’s political aspirations are over (again) and the PG line doesn’t have to be so strictly adhered to; but he can surely not have thought he was irreplaceable to the WWE. There are at least half a dozen wrestlers with main event experience who aren’t yet on the Wrestlemania card and would happily take Swagger’s place (can you imagine Mark Henry as Colter’s sidekick, allowing him to demonstrate that he’s “not racist”, just “anti-illegal immigration”?).

And there are hundreds if not thousands of wrestlers the world over looking at Swagger and seething – he’s had every opportunity gifted to him and yet he’s decided to do his best to throw it away.

For a man with a university education, he’s not so smart.


4 Responses to Question: what was Jack Swagger thinking?

  1. Not my real name says:

    Recreational drug use in WWE is rampant, he was just stupid enough to get caught…

  2. Mike says:

    I think everyone’s being quite mean to poor Jack Swagger. He was clearly just on his way to try and sell the Rock a car. #crackhead

  3. concerned says:

    Zeb Colters granddaughter was killed by a piece of crap who was released on parole early with 21 felonies on his record. At the time of the wreck he had LETHAL levels of Oxycontin, Xanax, and METH in his system. It was also his 6th wreck in less than a YEAR. Zeb Colter and his daughter are also fighting VERY hard to have the laws changed in Tennessee. See I am sure he was not happy with the actions of Swagger, but hopefully he learned a lesson from what he did and wont screw up again. Especially in light of what his managers family has just recently gone through,and is still going through EVERY DAY. I wouldnt be so quick to judge Zeb on this one, you never really know what someone is going through behind closed doors.

  4. Carrie says:

    I wasn’t judging Zeb at all – just genuinely wondering how he had reacted to this incident. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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