Fact: some thoughts on ‘The Life and Times of Mr Perfect’

mr perfectCurt Hennig’s body of work is a little bit before my time as a wrestling fan. I’d seen some of his matches, obviously; I knew that he was the second of three generations of wrestlers in his family; and I knew about the circumstances of his death.

Watching ‘The Life and Times of Mr Perfect’, though, was still a fascinating experience – not just because of his magnificent wrestling, nor because of the insights his friends and family gave into his character, but because it made me cry.

It was sad to see the impact his death had had on those close to him; and I couldn’t bear to watch his son Joe – better known to us as Michael McGillicutty – talk about it. And it is incredibly sad to think that though Curt spent some of his early career tagging with his dad, Larry ‘the Axe’ Hennig, Joe won’t get the chance to do that with his own father.

It’s a terrific watch – I recommend it.


4 Responses to Fact: some thoughts on ‘The Life and Times of Mr Perfect’

  1. Not my real name says:

    Does it cover his AWA work much or just his WWE and then West Texas Rednecks era?

  2. Mike Shaw says:

    It’s worth buying for the hour-long match with Nick Bockwinkle alone. Awesome stuff.

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